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England has 48 different counties, but I bet you can’t even name 20 of them

You can have one point for Surrey, that’s all

Did you know that England actually has 48 counties in it? There are loads more than just any place with -shire on the end, and if that comes as a surprise, this English counties quiz might be a little bit hard for you.

Some people take extreme pride in the county they hail from, I’m talking to you East Riding of Yorkshire (there’s another one, two points). Whereas others probably couldn’t even locate their own county on the map, let alone name any others.

So to find out where on this spectrum you truly fall, here is the ultimate test of your UK geography knowledge. The following sporcle quiz is looking for all 48 English counties. You have 15 minutes to type out as many as you can (no Google pls). If you get more than 20, that’s a pretty solid attempt.

Try and guess all the names of the 48 English counties in the sporcle quiz below:

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