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If you can score more than 10/13 in this US states quiz you’re an actual genius

But then again, I don’t think you will

It’s definitely a very niche topic to call yourself an expert in US states – but some of us do. It’s one of those topics you either know or you don’t, but you still try your luck at it even if you have no idea. This US states quiz is about to tell you which of the two categories you truly fall into: An America nerd or absolutely clueless.

Do you know your Alaska from your Arkansas or Arizona? Your Washington from your Wisconsin? Or your Michigan from your Montana? Do you even know how many US states there are? The following trivia quiz contains 13, some pretty simple, trivia questions all about the United States of America. I dare you to score more than 10/13 and not tell all your friends about it afterwards.

Take this US states quiz to truly test your knowledge:

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