Take this maths test and we’ll tell you what qualification you’d get now

I honestly don’t think I could pass a SAT these days

Sometimes, I sit back and think I can’t actually remember a single thing I learned at school. Poetry? Pythagoras’ theorem? Photosynthesis? It’s all a mystery to me now. Honestly, all I think I remember fully is that the Mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cell – and what I’m going to do with this information I have no idea.

The following maths quiz is going to tell you just how much, maths specific, knowledge you have actually retained since being taught it – and therefore what qualification level you could get to now. Are you still in school and at Key Stage 2 level? Have you advanced to the high heights of a maths GCSE? Or are you actually still pretty clued up and could pass a maths A-Level, or even get a degree in it?

Nido Student has written a maths quiz that includes questions for all ages, from Key Stage 2 up until University level. It’s time to truly find out.

Find out what qualification you would end up with in this maths quiz:

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