What the Too Hot To Handle contestants are doing now and which couples are still together

Larissa’s dating a doctor, and Melinda and Peter are now together?!

Too Hot To Handle season two was the best thing on TV this whole year. It had so much drama, $70,000 worth of rule break fines, and even soppiness and L-bombs at the end. But the series was filmed months ago, literally in 2020, so there’s been a huge chunk of time for the contestants to get up to a whole LOAD of stuff. So where are the Too Hot To Handle season two contestants now, what are they up to and which couples are still together?

Warning: Contains spoilers for Too Hot To Handle season two

They spilled a load of tea in the show’s reunion episode, and we can find a looot out from the contestant’s Insta feeds, too. There are a whopping THREE Too Hot To Handle season two couples still together – with one of these couples even now living together! Our queen Larissa is dating a doctor, and quite frankly she deserves nothing less. All the contestants seem to have gone on holiday a lot, and they all seem like they’re all still good mates and have been hanging out together a lot. Oh, and Nathan’s no longer a stripper.

Here’s everything you need to know about what the Too Hot To Handle season two cast are up to – including where they are now, and whether the couples are still together:

Melinda and Marvin

too hot to handle, season two, couples still together, where are they now

Marvin won Too Hot To Handle season two – and the whopping $55,000 prize fund. He’s sharing half the money with his mum and says this is the most important thing, and he’s not sure what he’ll do with the rest of it.

Marvin and Melinda ended Too Hot To Handle in an official couple having said they loved each other, but are they still together? The two have confirmed they are no longer a couple.

They were meant to meet in Tulum in Mexico, but had an argument and Marvin cancelled his flight the day before he was meant to arrive. Melinda said she’d booked an AirBnB and had things planned, and he could have “put on his big boy pants” and still come but instead just cancelled his flight when they argues, and didn’t respond to any of her texts.

“I was left in the dark, I was pissed”, she said, saying she was “heartbroken” that he cancelled the trip over a small argument.

After this the two didn’t speak for a while, but they’re now on good terms. Marvin said he misses Melissa a lot, and Melissa said she has a lot of love for him still.


Marvin said he went to Mexico a month after he was meant to be in Tulum with Melinda, but went with Chase. Marvin appears to still be living in Paris, and recently played basketball in a celebrity game for the French national basketball league.



In a shock turn of events, Peter and Melinda are now together!!! Yes, the Peter who was kicked off Too Hot To Handle for not engaging with the process or trying to form deep emotional connections. Well it turns out he is capable of these types of relationships, because now he’s coupled-up with Melinda.

Peter and Melinda were never together on Too Hot To Handle, but the pair did kiss (a rule break costing $3,000) and also shared a bed together. When they did this Melinda was only wearing a thong and Peter slapped a “mosquito bite” on her bum, but this somehow wasn’t a rule break.

Melinda’s ex Marvin has given his support to the couple, commenting “Congrats” on her loved-up Instagram post, and “Good job buddy” on Peter’s.

Since the show, the two have spent a lot of time in New York, judging by their Instagrams, and jetting off on trips mainly around the USA and Mexico.


too hot to handle, season two, couples still together, where are they now

Larissa, a lawyer from New Zealand, chose to leave Too Hot To Handle before the end of the series. Larissa says she woke up one day and the retreat felt different – everyone she was close with had gone home, and she felt “out of place”.

She was worried it was going to become “a Larissa vs. Elle thing”, after she and Nathan ended things and he began cracking on with Elle, although Larissa says this was never the case, it was just something she worried about.

When Nathan left she says they had a good conversation over the phone, and she then got some drunk messages from him which she “wasn’t a fan of”.

Now Larissa is still in New Zealand. She’s seeing an “amazing” doctor, and says they’re a “power couple”. She says: “He’s just really sweet and funny and fun and just obsessed with me, and I’m obsessed with him.”

Cam and Emily

too hot to handle, season two, couples still together, where are they now

Cam and Emily left Too Hot To Handle an official couple, saying they loved each other – and in news that has quite literally made my year, the pair are still together!! Brb just drying my eyes from how much this has made me WEEP.

They’ve made a YouTube channel called Cam&Em. In the one video they’ve posted so far, Emily says they’re “very much together and very much in love”. My whole heart 🥺🥺🥺

Since leaving the show, they’ve been living together for four months and are “inseparable”, saying they’re each other’s best friend.

Cam says they’re like “a little married couple” now, and they “know everything about each other”. Emily says “wedding bells are definitely on the cards”, and if the couple have a baby girl she’s going to name it Lana, after the AI on Too Hot To Handle.

They’re also now Insta-official. Emily and Cam say it’s been hard having to keep it a secret since they came back from filming Too Hot To Handle but they’re glad they can now tell the world they’re still officially a couple. They’re currently on holiday together in Ibiza.

Chase and Tabitha

too hot to handle, season two, couples still together, where are they now

Chase talks to Tabitha, the last girl he was with on the show, “often” – but the two are no longer together. She says after the show they spoke a lot and Chase sent her flowers, things for Christmas, and even wrote her a letter “confessing his love” for her.

However, Tabitha says the distance got in the way of them (she’s from London whilst Chase is from the USA) and she’s now been celibate for four months.

Chase says there’s a Too Hot To Handle group chat that he’s not in, but he still keeps in contact with the cast – he spent New Year’s Eve with Carly and Joey.

He says Tabitha was meant to go and see him for New Year’s, but then he “checked the next morning and she was in Dubai”.


Since Too Hot To Handle, Tabitha seems to have been on holiday a LOT, as well as doing loads around London, where she lives.

Meanwhile, Chase has been hanging out with Nathan and Peter – they all even recorded a podcast episode with last year’s contestant Harry Jowsey. He obviously also went to Mexico with Marvin, and recently posted an Instagram story of the two, where he called Marvin his “MF brother”.

Chase also has a YouTube channel with 12k subscribers. He’s posted videos with Carly and Joey in Miami at New Year’s, as well as with Marvin in Mexico, and Melinda who came to visit in Arizona for the weekend. Here’s Carly, Chase and Joey after doing shots on New Year’s Eve:

And here’s Marvin and Chase on a boat in Tulum, Mexico:

Carly and Joey

After the show, Carly says went to Miami three times to see Joey. She says they talk, but they’re not together.

Carly’s now back in Canada, where she’s from. Since the show, Carly’s obviously seen Joey a lot, and spent New Year’s Eve with him and Chase – the other guy she was speaking to on the show. She’s also met up with Melinda, and honestly they make an absolutely iconic duo.

Joey meanwhile is still in Miami – judging from his Instagram, he’s spent most of this year either there or in New York. He has a YouTube channel, which is linked in his Instagram bio and right now has a whopping 36 subscribers. He doesn’t have any videos up yet.

Robert and Christina

too hot to handle, season two, couples still together, where are they nowtoo hot to handle, season two, couples still together, where are they now

Robert and Christina were kicked off the show for not respecting the process, or the rules, enough. But the joke’s on Too Hot To Handle, because Christina and Robert are now another one of the season two official couples still together!

According to Christina’s Instagram caption, the pair have been together for six months now.

If you don’t remember from the show, Robert’s British, whilst Christina is South African. But just a few days ago she posted an Instagram saying she’d just signed with a UK management company. Christina said: “I will be in London a little longer causing trouble” – nothing’s been confirmed, but it’s sounding preeeeetty likely at least part of the reason she’s moved here is to be closer to Robert.

The two have also posted pics together from South Africa, so it looks like Robert and Christina been spending a lot of time together since filming Too Hot To Handle.

Nathan and Elle

Nathan and Elle are no longer together. “Elle’s not text me back, so I had to move on from that one” Nathan said.

When he got home from the show, Nathan says he spoke and FaceTimed with Larissa, the girl he was seeing on the show before Elle, a lot. He says they’re “very close”.

Nathan says he’s no longer a stripper, and has got a new tattoo.

Meanwhile, Elle has been on the cover of Playboy South Africa and seems to have been generally living her best life in various places around America and the Caribbean.


Kayla was kicked off the show at the same time as Peter, at the start of episode five for not engaging with the process enough.

Like many of her fellow Too Hot To Handle cast mates, Kayla’s been in Mexico a lot since the show, if her Instagram is anything to judge by.

She’s also been spending time in California and is making TikToks, including one with Too Hot To Handle season one contestant Haley. Kayla also has a YouTube channel, with no videos posted yet.

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