Too Hot To Handle season two rule breaks: Every single time the contestants got fined

They managed to rack up $70,000 of fines

The contestants of Too Hot To Handle season two were committing rule breaks and losing prize money left, right and centre. The show’s producers really weren’t joking when they said they’d managed to find the absolute horniest people on earth. There was “inappropriate sexual contact”, shagging, and a whole load of kissing – with each of these different acts worth a different amount of money.

The overall final prize fund was $55,000, but this had been increased as part a reward – the contestants actually managed to get the money pot down to an all-time low of $30,000, meaning they’d manage to rack up $70,000 (yes, that’s right – 70 THOUSAND DOLLARS) worth of rule break fines. But just what were these rule breaks and fines, and which of the Too Hot To Handle season two contestants broke them?

Here’s all the rule breaks that got fines for the Too Hot To Handle season two cast, in chronological order:

Cam and Emily – Kiss, $3,000

too hot to handle season two rule breaks

In episode two, the morning after they were told they were actually on Too Hot To Handle and not allowed to have any sexual contact, Cam and Emily kissed. Emily said: “I’m not one to abide by rules”, and they decided they “may as well” kiss.

The kiss cost them $3,000.

Carly and Chase – Kiss, $3,000

Later that same day, Carly and Chase splashed another $3,000 and kissed each other whilst they were sitting on an outdoor sofa. Chase said: “I knew it was wrong, but I still wanted to do it.”

Melinda and Marvin – Kiss, $3,000

too hot to handle season two rule breaks

The same evening, Marvin spoke to Melinda in French and that was it – boom, another kiss, another $3,000. He said: “I think we’re going to lose a little money tonight”, and he absolutely was not wrong.

Cam and Emily – Kiss, $3,000

Also that evening, Cam and Emily ended up in the dressing room together, and – you guessed it! They kissed again, costing another $3,000.

Peter and Melinda – Kiss, $3,000

too hot to handle season two rule breaks

It was clearly an incredibly busy night, because after all that Peter and Melinda ended up kissing each other, whilst they sat with Carly outside. This (you know the drill by now) cost them $3,000.

Peter and Carly – Kiss, $3,000

After Melinda kissed Peter, she turned to Carly and said “now you have to do it too”. And you know what, Carly did. Another $3,000 down the drain.

Carly and Chase – Kiss, $3,000

too hot to handle season two rule breaks

After that absolutely wild evening, when the contestants were all in bed Carly and Chase kissed yet again, spending another $3,000.

Cam and Emily – Inappropriate sexual contact, $4,000

Right at the start of episode three, a clip slowed Emily and Cam in bed together. When their fellow Too Hot To Handle cast mates found out, Cam told them Emily “grabbed it a little bit” and they christened the move a “crab grab”.

‘Crab grab’

However, this was still sexual contact. The show’s all-seeing, all-knowing AI Lana said: “Even though he did not blow his circuit, this has resulted in $4,000 being deducted from the prize fund.”

Cam said: “If I knew that it was four grand for a fondle, at least I would have finished.”

Cam – Masturbation, $2,000

too hot to handle season two rule breaks

Cam kept going on about having “blue balls”, and in episode three decided he needed to masturbate. He got Nathan and Peter to guard the bathroom, whilst he got in the shower to “relieve himself”. This cost $2,000.

He even, very optimistically, said: “This will be my last rule break.”

Cam and Emily – Excessive grinding and self-touching, $5,000

In episode four, Cam and Emily woke up in the private suite after being challenged to spend the night there together, alone without getting up to any funny business. They were told they’d win $10,000 back of the prize fund if they succeeded.

They rocked back up to the main bedroom absolutely gassed and proud of themselves for winning the money – but then Lana said they’d still broken the rules.

too hot to handle season two rule breaks

The two looked super confused, saying they hadn’t even kissed the night before, but Lana said there were “incidents of excessive grinding and self-touching”.

Emily said: “Yeah I may have sat on him and moved my butt cheeks a bit, so what?”

They didn’t win the $10k back, and got fined $5,000 for everything they’d gotten up to.

Robert and Christina – Kiss, $3,000

At the end of episode five and start of episode six, Robert and Christina were flirting on one of the outdoor sofas when Robert said “I think it’s worth breaking rules” and the two kissed.

Robert and Christina – Hand job, $5,000

too hot to handle season two rule breaks

In episode six, after their kiss outside Robert and Christina ended up in bed together. Robert said: “It’s very difficult because when you’re in that situation and things are a bit harder, in a literal sense, you never think about the money.”

When they were explaining it to their fellow Too Hot To Handle contestants, Robert said they got “carried away” and Christina admitted she gave him an hand job.

They were fined a total of $8,000 for the night – $3k for the kiss, meaning the hand job cost $5k. Chase worked out it cost the group $250 per second of the hand job.

Melinda and Marvin – Sex, $20,000

In episode six, Lana sets all contestants a challenge – don’t break the rules of 24 hours, and in return they’d win a reward. At the end of episode six, halfway through the 24-hour challenge, Melinda gets out of bed in the middle of the night and gets into Marvin’s – and the two shag.

When they found out this cost them a $20,000 fine, the rest of the contestants were unhappy to say the LEAST. Melinda said it was all part of their “process” of connecting with each other.

Carly and Joey – Kiss, $3,000

too hot to handle season two rule breaks

In episode seven, Carly and Joey are lying in bed together and end up kissing. Carly says she’s been “put through a lot”, so “deserves one kiss”. They, obviously, got fined $3,000 for this.

Chase and Tabitha – Kiss and inappropriate sexual contact, $7,000

In episode eight, Chase and Tabitha are in bed together at night and kiss. Tabitha asks Chase if he fancies “blowing 20 grand”, but they kissed, and lost $3,000 for this.

It was then revealed they were being fined a further $4,000 for inappropriate sexual contact. Tabitha said: “I felt his willy, get over it.”

Total money spent for all rule breaks in Too Hot To Handle season two: $70,000

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