Cam and Emily from Too Hot To Handle are still official – and they now live together!


It’s official: Cam and Emily, everyone’s favourite couple from Too Hot To Handle, are still together – and they’re even now living together!

The two had a sometimes-rocky relationship on Too Hot To Handle season two, but ended the series in an official couple and with Emily and Cam having both said they loved each other.

Now it’s been confirmed: The pair are still very much together, and my heart is so happy it could burst.

Speaking on the Too Hot To Handle season two reunion show, Cam they’ve been “inseparable” since the show ended.

Emily lived at Cam’s house for a bit, but then Cam decided to move in with Emily. They say they’ve barely spent any time apart since the show ended.

The pair have also made it Insta-official. Emily posted a pic of the two kissing on holiday, captioning it “Lucky is to have you”. Cam posted a similar one, captioned: “And it all started with a crab grab”.

Because of lockdown, Emily and Cam were only able to go on their first proper date recently.

Cam says they’re like “a little married couple” now, and they “know everything about each other”.

Emily says “wedding bells are definitely on the cards” – watch this space, there could be a Too Hot To Handle wedding verrrry soon.

too hot to handle cam emily

Cam and Emily on the Too Hot To Handle season two reunion show

They also revealed possible plans to have kids soon. Emily says if she and Cam have a baby girl, she’ll call her Lana – the name of the ever-present AI that watches over the Too Hot To Handle contestants.

Whilst on the show, Cam and Emily racked up $17,000 worth of fines between them, breaking the rules five times.

When they first were able to actually have sex with each other without Lana’s watchful eye, the pair say they were having sex seven times a day – apparently Cam’s housemate even had to ask if they were okay.

They’re not the only Too Hot To Handle season two couple who are still together. Marvin and Melissa confirmed they’re no longer together, but Melinda has announced she’s now with Peter! Robert and Christina are also still together. All the other contestants are reportedly single – although Larissa is dating a doctor.

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