This is not a drill: There’s a Too Hot To Handle season two reunion show out NOW

Finally we can find out which couples are together!!!

A Too Hot To Handle season two reunion show is available to watch now – and this is literally the best thing I’ve heard all year.

Warning: Contains spoilers for Too Hot To Handle season two

This year, Too Hot To Handle was back and even hornier than ever. It was full of drama, shagging and even some big L-bombs.

Since the second load of episodes dropped last week, we’ve all been left wondering – which couples are still together? Are any of the contestants no longer speaking?? And what’s Marvin done with the fat $55,000 prize fund he won???

But now, thanks to the Too Hot To Handle reunion episode, all of our unanswered questions from series two of the show can finally be put to rest.

too hot to handle season two reunion

This year, Too Hot To Handle contestants managed to rack up $70,000 worth of fines for breaking the rules – there was a whole load of snogging, shagging and “inappropriate sexual touching”, which sounds really fit I know.

Marvin and Melinda were challenged to spend the night alone together without breaking any rules, and for succeeding they got the prize fund back up to a very respectable $55k.

Marvin, Carly and Cam were chosen as the three contestants who had gone on the best journeys – and his fellow cast mates voted Mavin the winner.

Marvin finished the show in an official, loved-up couple with Melinda; and Cam and Emily similarly said the big L-word. Carly and Joey also said they’d like to try and make things work after the show.

Now we can finally find out if these couples are still going strong – and, of course, what Marvin’s done with all that money.

Watch the Too Hot To Handle season two reunion show here on YouTube:

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