Okay so Melinda and Peter from Too Hot To Handle season two are together now

Melinda ended things with Marvin after the show

In even more heartwarming Too Hot To Handle news, Peter and Melinda have announced they are now together.

Melinda left Too Hot To Handle season two in a couple with Marvin, with both of them saying they loved each other. Peter was kicked off the show at the start of episode five, as it was said he hadn’t been trying enough to form deep, emotional connections, which is the whole point of the show.

But it seems they were mistaken, because now he’s with Melinda and the pair look like they couldn’t be happier.

Melinda and Peter kissed in the second episode of Too Hot To Handle – a rule break that cost $3,000 of the prize fund money.

They also shared a bed together, with Melinda taking her top of and lying there in her underwear, and Peter slapping what they said was a “mosquito bite” on her bum.

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This morning, both Melinda and Peter shared loved-up pics on their Instagrams, confirming their relationship.

Melinda captioned hers “at least this time it wasn’t a mosquito bite”, referencing the scene from Too Hot To Handle.


Their fellow Too Hot To Handle contestants have commented messages of support. Nathan said “LOVE YALL”, Chase said “Oh boy” and Elle said “We love a power couple”.

Melinda’s ex Marvin commented “Congrats” on her post, and “Good job buddy” on Peter’s.

Peter and Melinda aren’t the only Too Hot To Handle season two couple now together. Everyone’s king and queen of the series, Cam and Emily, are still together – and they’re even living together! Robert and Christina are also still together.

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