Quiz: There are seven definitive types of hot girl summer, but which are you having?

Booked every bottomless brunch and rooftop bar? Social butterfly hot girl summer

Hot girl summer is a movement – nay, a way of life. It’s literally for everyone, it’s a mindset so no matter what you’re doing, you can still have a hot girl summer. There are seven definitive types of hot girl summer happening this year, so there’s literally something for everyone.

If your summer is full of tattoos, new haircuts and going to the beach to watch the sun rise, you’re having a bucket list hot girl summer. If you’ve got Air BnBs booked everywhere around the country, from Brighton to the Lake District to Edinburgh, you’re having a staycation hot girl summer. And if you literally don’t care what you’re doing so long as you’re with your mates, you’re having the just vibing hot girl summer.

If you spent lockdown reading, working on yourself and perfecting your skincare routine, hot girl summer is all about feeling your absolute best and you’re having a wellness hot girl summer. If you’ve got every single bottomless brunch and rooftop bar within a 100-mile radius booked, you’re having a social butterfly hot girl summer. Already got seven different dates lined up? You’re having a swiping hot girl summer – just hope you don’t fall in love, because then it’ll turn in to a coupled-up hot girl summer.

So take this quiz and find out once and for all what type of hot girl summer you’re having this year:

Want to see what other types of hot girl summer you could be having this year. Read everything about all the seven seven definitive categories of hot girl summer here. 

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