hay fever memes

You’ll only relate to these 27 memes if you suffer from the living hell that is hay fever

Hayfever is really hayfevering like it’s never hayfevered before


Hay fever is quite literally hell on earth. I would say all of us who suffer from it must have done something horrific in a past life to have been cursed with it, but I genuinely can’t think of anything bad enough to warrant the nightmare that is hay fever. According to the NHS, hay fever is one of the most common allergies in the UK – loads of us suffer from it, meaning there are an absolute TON of memes from people crying over their endless sneezing.

From hay fever tablets literally never working, to crusty, itchy eyes and sometimes literally losing your voice. And don’t even think about asking me to go for tinnies in the park, unless you want me to sneeze in your face the entire time.

Now grab your antihistamines and settle in for these 27 hay fever memes:

1. Don’t mind me, just flexing on you all x

2. Not to be dramatic or anything

3. Please save me

4. YEP

5. Do they even do anything other than make you tired?

6. Okay but who got this live footage of my house?

7. Inject it directly into my veins

8. Hey Siri play Story Of My Life by One Direction

9. When will it END?

10. Same

11. Brb crying

12. And then you literally will never stop

13. My eyes itch just looking at this

14. I’m just gonna leave this here

15. Literally not even worth it

16. I can only dream of this

17. 😭😭😭

18. Can you just stop now

19. This is just rude

20. There was literally NO need to flex

21. We are very well acquainted

22. Bloody June

23. Literally just go home, the day’s ruined

24. HELL

25. Absolutely not hun

26. Oop

27. @ my boss, I am literally begging you

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