People are sharing their awkward first date stories and now I never want to date again

‘He took one look at me and literally just turned on his heel and walked away’

If there is one universal experience that bonds us all most on the hell-hole that is planet Earth, it’s the horror of the awkward first date. You’ve only been talking for a week or two, and if you met on a dating app you’ve never even seen what they properly look like. The night before the first date you start to stress, sending five different outfit options to the group chat and getting your mates to hype you up.

You spend the whole journey there praying it won’t be awkward, but once you arrive, the first date can go one of two ways. First, you lock eyes and immediately fall in love, have lots of sex, get married and live together for the rest of your lives. Scientifically speaking, this is 0.01 per cent of first dates – the rest of us have to make do with a date who refuses to make eye contact and doesn’t ask you a single question about yourself, meaning you spend the entire time trying to think of an excuse to escape. Or, even more horrifyingly, your date might suddenly decide your first date is the perfect time to do a freestyle rap to you.

Now please read these 18 most awkward first date stories, that will make you want to stay single forever:


2. The most expensive first date ever

3. That’s … not what that means

4. I mean, this is understandable

5. No this is horrific

6. I mean, yep

7. Okay but why would you do this?

8. Crying


10. One word: Run

11. Very nice of them to wait

12. ‘So it all started when I was one hour old’

13. ‘Should I do a little rap to lighten the mood?’

14. Okay who was gonna tell me this was a universal experience?


16. Meeting the parents at the same time as you meet them, what could go wrong?

17. This is the biggest ick I have ever read

18. Just let me disappear forever, thanks

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