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Take this quiz and we’ll tell you how crunchy your childhood was

If you weren’t allowed Sky, I’m sorry but you’re crunchy af

Crunchy childhoods were a very specific way of life. If you were crunchy, you spent your entire childhood in GAP hoodies, getting dragged on family walks around fields and National Trust properties. You weren’t allowed snacks other than raisins and rice cakes – and don’t even think about fizzy drinks – and your family holidays would usually involve camping in the UK, where it would probably rain the whole time.

If you were one of the lucky lot who didn’t  have a crunchy childhood, your parents had Sky (the actual DREAM), bought the good snacks, and would let you go on holidays abroad. You may have owned wellies, but they were barely ever worn and didn’t have a single speck of mud on them. But if you want to know definitively just how crunchy your childhood was – don’t worry, this quiz has your back.

Now take this quiz and find out what percentage crunchy your childhood was:

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