Every single hot girl summer this year fits in to one of these seven definitive categories

I’m a combo of the social butterfly and the just vibing wbu x

Hot girl summer is a state of mind – it’s for everyone. It’s super inclusive: So long as you think you’re having a hot girl summer, you are. But while everyone’s having a hot girl summer this year to celebrate finally being released from a year of lockdowns, this means there are SO many different types of hot girl summer happening this year.

There are seven definitive types of hot girl summer, and yours absolutely fits in to one of them. If you’ve booked every single bottomless brunch and rooftop bar in your city – you’re having a social butterfly hot girl summer. Already got seven different dates lined up? You’re having a swiping hot girl summer. And if you’re happy just chilling with your mates, whether it’s in a pub, park or someone’s grotty sofa, you’re having a just vibing hot girl summer.

These are the seven definitive types of hot girl summer happening this year:

The social butterfly hot girl summer

You literally don’t have a single free evening or weekend this summer – you’re fully booked up for the next three months, so if anyone wants to see you they can wait until October, thanks.

You’ve got tables booked at every single rooftop bar, beer garden and bottomless brunch within a 10-mile radius of your house. You’re in roughly 27 group chats planning all your different events, and your Google Calendar is absolutely jam-packed.

After about two weeks you’ll run out of all your jeans/skirt-and-a-nice-top outfit combos, so make a mad dash to Zara and Urban. Your Insta stories show you and an Aperol in a different boujee location every single day, but you wouldn’t have it any other way.

The bucket list hot girl summer

You spent the whole of lockdown making a bucket list of all the things you’ve always meant to do but hadn’t – and now you’ve finally been released from your house, it’s your mission to spend your hot girl summer ticking off every single one of them.

You’ve got your new tattoos and piercings booked in, and already had a dramatic haircut and dyed it a brand new colour. You’re going to do some more low-key bucket list things, like going to the beach with mates, getting up early to watch the sunrise, and going to all those places near your house you never seem to find the time to visit. But you’ve got some more wild plans, like a road trip with mates where you’ll bungee jump, surf and do everything else you’ve spent the dreaming about.

You’ve already got an Insta highlight dedicated to the hot girl summer of your dreams, a Pinterest board planning it all, and you add more to the “Hot girl summer need to do!!!” notes app list on the daily.

types of hot girl summer

The swiping hot girl summer

You’re not here to mess around – it’s thot girl summer, and you’re so ready for it.

Your summer will be spent going on dates with different people three times a week – you’ve got all the apps downloaded in preparation, and you’ve already swiped all the way to the end of Bumble, whoops.

You’ve not been able to shag all year, so now you’re gonna be making up for it by shagging different people all summer long. Just hope you don’t fall in love and get too attached to anyone – you can’t have a new boyfriend ruin your hot girl summer.

The just vibing hot girl summer

You’re low maintenance, you’re not asking for much. After more than a year in lockdown, you’re just happy to be able to be chilling with your mates again.

Whether it’s someone’s grotty student garden, a blanket in the park or a pub garden bench, you’ll be spending your hot girl summer literally anywhere – you’re not fussy. As long as you have a tinnie, a vibey Spotify playlist and a few mates to enjoy it with, that’s all you’re asking for this hot girl summer.

types of hot girl summer

The coupled-up hot girl summer

You SWEAR hot girl summer is the same even when you have a boyfriend or girlfriend, but you’re just kidding yourself, hun.

At least three different mates have tried to get you to break up with them so you can do everything they’re doing, but you say no because you’re convinced you can still have a hot girl summer even when you’re coupled up. Plus, while they’re having disappointing, mediocre shags with people from Hinge, you’ll be spending this summer living your best life with someone you actually like – what a win.

The staycation hot girl summer

You’d normally spend your summers jetting off to Cannes, Santorini and the Maldives, but this year the traffic light system’s put a stop to your grand plans. It doesn’t matter though, because you’ll be bouncing from coast to coast all around the UK – and still having your fair share of holiday romances, obvs.

You’re kicking off your summer in Cornwall, before heading to Wales and the Lake District. You’ve also got a load of UK city breaks lined up – from Brighton to Manchester to Edinburgh, you’re going to be single-handedly keeping the country’s AirBnB market going.

Your notes app is full of all the pubs, restaurants and bars you’re going to be visiting in each location, and your outfits for each have all been meticulously curated. You know you’re not going to be getting much sun, because it’s all in the UK, so you’re already in full swing with your fake tan routine, which you’ll now be doing weekly until at least October.

types of hot girl summer

The wellness hot girl summer

For you, hot girl summer is all about feeling your absolute best.

You spent lockdown working on yourself – you’re in the best headspace of your life, and you’re carrying this on throughout hot girl summer. You’ve bought Everything I Know About Love, a load self-help books, and *that* TikTok hot girl summer book, Malibu Rising.

You’ve got your skincare routine all sorted, including your boujee new SPF. You’re going to spend hot girl summer looking your best, feeling your best, and being super confident. You’ll be doing yoga on the beach, going for bike rides and walks in the park, and going on fun day trips out. Good positive vibes all round for you, hun.

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