These are the unis that have been shagging the most throughout lockdown restrictions

Unsurprisingly, UCL’s at the bottom of this list

The Tab asked over 25,000 students and young people if they’ve had sex since the start of lockdown, over a year ago – and more than one in five said they haven’t.

Of the 25,246 young people who responded to The Tab’s Instagram polls, 22 per cent said they haven’t had sex in over a year, since March 2020.

At every UK uni, more people have been shagging throughout lockdown than not – despite having sex outside of your household being against the lockdown rules for much of the year. However, the results vary across the country, with some unis sticking far more to the rules than others.

London students have been following the rules the most, with 66.5 per cent of them having had sex in the last year – meaning one in three of them haven’t shagged during lockdown.

Just 69 (ha) per cent of Warwick students have had sex this year, too. Also at the bottom of the list are Cambridge and Lancaster, with just over 71 per cent of students at each of these unis having sex during lockdown.

At the other end of the list, Newcastle students have been shagging the most during lockdown restrictions, with 85.5 per cent of them still doing it.

They’re closely followed by Brookes and Bristol, where respectively 83.2 and 81.3 per cent of students have had sex this year.

The percentage of students at each university who have been still having sex during lockdown, ranked from least to most:

London: 66.5 per cent

Warwick: 69 per cent

Cambridge: 71.2 per cent

Lancaster: 71.3 per cent

Oxford: 74.2 per cent

Lincoln: 75.1 per cent

Bournemouth: 76.3 per cent

Southampton: 77.7 per cent

York: 78 per cent

Exeter: 78 per cent

Nottingham: 79 per cent

Sussex: 80 per cent

Edinburgh: 80.3 per cent

Leeds: 80.4 per cent

Birmingham: 80.5 per cent

Liverpool: 81 per cent

Bristol: 81.3 per cent

Brookes: 83.2 per cent

Newcastle: 85.5 per cent

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