Harry and Francesca back together

Wait, are Too Hot to Handle’s Harry and Francesca back together or what?

They’re definitely playing us, but I don’t care x

Life throws some pretty big questions at us. But the most important question on everyone’s lips right now is: what in the Too Hot to Handle hell is going on with Harry Jowsey and Francesca Farago and are they back together???

Harry and Francesca first started dating whilst they were on Netflix’s reality show Too Hot to Handle. But unfortunately, their romance came to an end one year later in June 2020.

Recently they’ve been all over each other’s socials and it’s got us thinking are they back together or not? They have been posting cryptic TikTok’s with one another which started around one week after Francesca broke up with TOWIE star Demi Sims. But now Harry and Francesca seem inseparable after constantly gossiping about one another and their time together. It all seems a bit sus, doesn’t it?

Even the other day Harry posted a video onto TikTok which attracted over 10 million views and hinted at their reunion. Harry is lip syncing to Chun Swae by Nicki Minaj with the lyrics “He don’t want me back,” and then passes the phone to Francesca who lip syncs “He be lying, bitch I’m the sauce.”

@harryjowsey@francescafarago♬ Chun Swae – Nicki Minaj

Earlier this week on Monday, Harry posted an Instagram story showing off their matching lightning bolt finger tattoos which they both got before they originally broke up in 2020.

The same photo was also included in Harry’s 24th birthday photo dump captioned “Champagne Birthday, here’s to 24” in which a photo of him and Francesca made it first on the grid.

The Tab reached out to Harry to ask what the fuck was going on, but we haven’t heard back. WE ARE STILL WAITING x

Whatever it is they have planned and even if they aren’t back together, we are absolutely obsessing over the drama. They are Neflix royalty and they’re serving us some real chaos just in time for the second season which lands in June.

Timeline of Harry and Francesca’s relationship:

First off, the couple met back in April 2019 and from then to July the couple visited each other’s homes in Vancouver and Queensland.

Then they broke up in July 2019 and a month later Harry moved from Australia to L.A. But it wasn’t until January before they reconciled the relationship.

Then in May 2020 they got engaged over Zoom during the reunion episode of Too Hot to Handle and no, it wasn’t a prank.

One month after the engagement, it was announced the couple had broken up.  Francesca announced the news sharing a six-minute YouTube video called “Our Break Up” where she revealed Harry initiated it after being unable to commit to the long distance.

Harry then shared his side to the breakup via an Instagram video. He claimed he was in a dark place and had fallen out of love with her. You’d think this is where it all ended, but nope. Several separate relationships later, the couple appear to be getting close in Mexico and everyone is OBSESSING over it.

Featured image from @harryjowsey and @francescafarago

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