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Too Hot To Handle will be back on Netflix in June!

Summer just got a whooooole lot better

Your summer just got full of plans, as Netflix has confirmed that the release date of season two of Too Hot To Handle will be in June.

After renewing the series in January, Netflix has given us an update that the new episodes of the dating show will be released weekly, every Wednesday in June this year.

On Twitter, Netflix confirmed: “Wednesdays are about to get rea l. New episodes of The Circle (US) each Wednesday from 14 April. New episodes of Too Hot to Handle premiering on Wednesdays in June.”

It was also confirmed that season two of The Circle US will start a four-week event with eight new contestants, with the first four episodes dropping on Wednesday 14th April. The show will then continue to roll out a new episode every Wednesday.

Season two of Too Hot to Handle will then start its own multi-week event on Wednesdays in June. Episodes will release one by one, throughout the month and after.

Last season saw singletons head to Mexico for what they thought would be a retreat filled with sex, scandal and love. Little did they know that Lana, a lil bot watching over them, would take money out of the final prize fund every time they got up to anything sexual. It was dramatic, to say the least.

None of the couples are still together (shock), so this season hopefully we can have some people who actually abide by the rules and fall in love with each other’s personalities? Who am I kidding, it’s much more fun when they crumble under the sexual tension.

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