The One season two: Everything we know and all the questions we still need answering

I’m sorry but that ending simply isn’t the end of this

Right, we need to talk about The One on Netflix. After the ending of the series, and rightly so, people have been left thinking if or when we will be getting a second season.

The show was described by Netflix as being a mix of Black Mirror, Behind Her Eyes and The Stranger – which is a recipe for a show we were going to get hooked on. Since then, it’s topped the Netflix Top 10 list constantly, and it had a huge cliffhanger ending – so it’s all pointing towards Netflix giving us more.

Here’s everything we know about The One season two and the questions we still need answers to going forward.

*Contains spoilers for The One on Netflix*

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There are a lot of questions we need answering in season two of The One

After the way the first season ended, there are plenty of questions which would give way to a second. There were a lot of new revelations, plot holes and we didn’t get to see what Rebecca was about to address everyone and say.

What was Rebecca about to say?!

So basically, this show has to carry on purely because Netflix can’t just have Rebecca address the room with “I have a secret” and then have us never know what she was about to say. End of.

Is Rebecca going to pay for everything she’s done?

We all know finally what went down with Ben, so is Rebecca going to ever see the consequences? That’s without mentioning the death of Fabio, Matheus and Matheus’ murderer in prison which all have links back to her and her twisted ways.

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Are we going to start exploring multiple matches for one person?

Kate had asked James if it was possible for people to have more than one match, after having a connection with both Sophia and Sebastian. It was then said that the science is possible. This literally opens up a whole other can of potential drama. This is the chaos we didn’t know we needed until it was put in front of us.

Is Rebecca going to have another match?

So, if second matches are a possibility, will Rebecca try again? Her past history isn’t exactly the best but will she give it another go?

What will Megan do when she finds out who Hannah’s match is?

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At the end of the series we saw Mark and Hannah find out they are expecting. This was shortly followed by Mark’s true match, Megan, clearly not being happy that he chose his wife over her, and sending off Hannah’s DNA to find her match. What will she do with this information? Will she meddle with their relationship still and try to split them up? And what about the baby?!

And what about all the drama with Kate, Sophia and Sebastian?

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It’s clear there’s more to be told in the Kate, Sophia and Sebastian triangle. Kate is a detective, and the detective in her wants clarity and transparency in a relationship – which is something Sophia struggles with. So their relationship is already turbulent. And it’s clear Kate and Sebastian are still thinking about one another.

What’s going to happen with James and Yasmin?

At the end of season one we saw James meeting up with his match. The pair went for a drink and looked pretty happy. Maybe this could end up being an actual wholesome storyline for once, but given the history of The One, if there is a season two who even knows what might end up happening between these two.

The One, Netflix, season two, ending, theories, questions, explained

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So, what’s the latest on season two of The One with Netflix?

There’s no word on whether or not The One is going to be officially renewed for a second season by Netflix. However, it’s looking pretty good. The ending left the door open for more episodes, and the show when straight into the Top 10 list worldwide. That’s usually the recipe for everything needed for a show to be renewed. So I guess it’s a case of watch this space.

To add to this, Hannah Ware, who plays Rebecca, is keen for more episodes to answer the questions we all still have. She told the Express: “I think it’s such a fertile ground for lots of interesting stories to be played out. But, who knows?”

No doubt if the show does get renewed, CEO Rebecca Webb will be back causing more chaos, and her partner James looks to be coming back into the picture more again. Obviously we want more of the Hannah, Mark and Megan drama and the Kate, Sophia and Sebastian triangle needs to be resolved.

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