THTH’s Harry and Francesca have teased on TikTok they might be getting back together

Francesca only revealed she’d broken up with Demi from Towie last week

It looks like Harry Jowsey and Francesca Farago from Too Hot to Handle might be getting back together after breaking up back in June 2020. At least, that’s what a couple of cryptic TikToks would have you believe.

But hang on a second, isn’t Francesca in a relationship with TOWIE star Demi Sims?

Not anymore. The pair broke up last week with Francesca saying on Instagram, “To everyone asking this question and asking to see photos, Demi and I are not together anymore.”


Francesca and Harry on Too Hot To Handle

On Sunday night’s episode of TOWIE, Demi was in tears when she revealed the shocking news to her sisters. “I just feel so unhappy. I would’ve given her the world if she wanted it but, I don’t know, it just didn’t work. It just really hurt me,” Demi said.

But, it seems that while Francesca clearly didn’t want “the world”, she might want to reignite her old romance with Harry. Two days ago, Harry posted a TikTok showing a one year memory of him and Francesca.

Francesca commented, “that’s cute,” to which Harry replied, “Hi stranger.” Francesca then posted her own TikTok in which she acts out being prepared and ready for the single life, before pretending to see her ex and giving up on her plan.

This could be a reference to her getting back with Harry or maybe it’s just a weird bid to try and stay in the spotlight. Either way, we’re living for the drama.

Demi saw Francesca’s TikTok and was inundated with support from her fans. “Thanks guys for all your messages checking in on me to make sure I’m okay after my ex GF’s TikTok (which btw we’ve only been broke up for a week and she’s already posting about falling for her ex boyfriend again),” Demi said. “But I can assure you I’m okay, after having a hard week of crying and a broken heart I’ve now realised I’ve dodged a bullet. I appreciate you all and all your support.” Demi said.

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