Ranked: These are the dating shows where you’re most likely to find a relationship

Love Is Blind has an impressive 50 per cent success rate

As time goes on, it seems as though most dating shows are getting less and less successful in achieving their primary goal: relationships. Now, they’re simply a passport to fame and fortune, and probably your own clothing line and a few million Instagram followers.

So, it might come as a pleasant surprise that some dating series are actually pretty good at finding love for their contestants. Whilst others, *cough* Too Hot To Handle *cough* fail really, really miserably. I’m not at all shocked.

SlotsUp has officially ranked the most successful dating shows there are, by picking the most popular series around the world and seeing how many couples from them are still together. This information was then put against how many couples started out on the show, to give each one an overall percentage success rate.

Here’s the full ranking of the most successful dating shows, by how many contestants actually found a relationship:

According to the findings, Netflix series Too Hot To Handle is the least successful dating show, giving contestants the worst chance of finding long-term love. The show has a zero per cent success rate, with absolutely none of the couples still together out of the four relationships kindled within season one. Shock.

Completing the bottom five, Love Island US also had a zero per cent success rate, Naked Attraction has a very low 1.2 per cent, First Dates has 1.3 per cent and The Bachelor has four per cent. First Dates actually does have a pretty good amount of success stories, but due to the sheer amount of dates on the show, its score is pretty low.

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Nobody is still together from Love Island US, there’s one Naked Attraction couple still going strong, 10 couples from First Dates are still together and one from The Bachelor.

Now for the top five. 90 Day Fiancé, which follows couples who have applied for a K-1 visa and now have 90 days to get married, has managed to find love for 28 out of its 37 couples – giving it a sky-high 75 per cent success rate. Up next is Love Is Blind, with half of its couples still together. Amber and Barnett and Lauren and Cameron made it down the aisle and said “I do” and are still together, whilst Damian and Gigi got back together after the show.

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12 couples from Married at First Sight are still together, giving it a 30 per cent success rate and that is shortly followed by The Bachelorette with a 29 per cent success rate after five couples stayed together. Rounding off the top five is Love Island UK with a 23 per cent success rate. Over its seasons, 43 couples have been in relationships in the villa, but now there are 10 still going strong on the outside.

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