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VOTE: It’s been 10 years, so what is the most iconic Made in Chelsea moment?

It’s the Spencer and Louise bridge scene for me

Made in Chelsea has been around for a decade. Yes you read that correctly, we’ve had 10 years of cheating, parties and poshos. And in those 10 years there has been a LOT of iconic moments. Hardly an episode goes without juicy gossip, shocking revelations and champagne fuelled arguments. And with nearly 250 episodes that’s a lot of arguments.

To celebrate the anniversary E4 posted a compilation of the best bits over the years such as Millie’s toast to friendship and Binky’s pregnancy announcement. But there was also some very important ones they missed out, mainly Spencer and Louise’s infamous bridge scene.

In homage to the 10 years of quality entertainment Made in Chelsea has given us, we’ve rounded up the most iconic moments across 20 series.

And once you’ve relived all the stunning moments of television, you can vote for your favourite.

These are the best moments of Made in Chelsea in the last 10 years:

The bridge scene

Let’s kick it off with a classic. Spencer and Louise’s breakup scene will go down in Made in Chelsea history.

I don’t condone Spencer’s treatment of Louise, he was a prick to her throughout the show, but this has to be included for its legacy.

The clip of Spencer telling Louise “It’s hard to respect you when you allow me to cheat on you” must make the rounds on Twitter at least once a year. It’s memeable and simply iconic, mainly for Spencer’s hand gestures.

Zara begging for forgiveness

Why do so many Made in Chelsea classic moments include the Thompson siblings? This is a more recent legendary moment that quickly became an instant meme.

After cheating on Sam, Zara made her plea of forgiveness to try and get back with Sam. She sent him gifts, wrote a letter and then just got to screaming “you can, you can!”

Sam repeatedly said he couldn’t. And then a week later they were back together🙄.

Lucy Watson’s grill

Lucy Watson is a Made in Chelsea legend and it was honestly hard to pick just one moment that represents her legend status but of course it had to be the “why is everyone getting up in my grill?”

She actually said it because every one was annoyed she was dating both Andy and Jamie (scandal!) and everyone was blaming her for stirring up shit, despite doing absolutely nothing wrong.

Lucy you’re an icon and deserved better.

‘Here’s to friendship’

There’s only one person who could out sass Lucy and that is of course the OG Millie Mackintosh.

This moment at the end of series two will go down in the history books. Millie calls out Rosie and Hugo for sleeping together when she was with Hugo in front of everyone.

She toasts to friendship, grabs a glass of champagne and struts out of there. Reality TV was never the same after this moment.

Ollie’s wedding

This was probably the most beautiful scene to ever appear on Made in Chelsea. After 10 years of watching him on screen we finally got to see Ollie Locke marry the love of his life.

Ollie and Gareth were married in the Natural History Museum and I’m not ashamed to say I did indeed shed a tear watching them exchange their vows.

It’s crazy to think how far Ollie has come from dating Gabriella and wearing Union Jack trousers to being married to Gareth and the couple expecting a baby.

When Gabriella did the Ollie inspired shoot

Speaking of Gabriella, remember when she did a music video that featured a bunch of Ollie lookalikes and she firmly denied they didn’t look like Ollie?

Yeah they don’t make Made in Chelsea like that anymore.

Alex’s orgy

This should have won a BAFTA. The Alex and Binky cheating saga was shocking, heartbreaking and so dramatic.

The moment was so tense because you had the build up of Lucy dropping the bombshell. Then Lucy and Louise confronting Alex and it ending with Binky slapping Alex.

Also let’s discuss Lucy’s outfit and hair because wow.

Binky revealing her baby news and then Cheska did the same

This was an iconic moment purely for how nostalgic it was that two of the OG best friends were pregnant at the same time.

Sometimes nice things do happen in Made in Chelsea.

‘Your nose rings looks really weird’

The golden era of Made in Chelsea had to be when Phoebe and Jess were constantly arguing with Lucy. It all came to a peak when they gave each other the worst insults known to man.

And for that reason alone “your nose ring looks really weird” earns a place in the Made in Chelsea hall of fame.

Jamie and Sam’s fight

It was actually pretty sad to watch long time best mates Jamie and Sam argue over Sophie Habboo.

But what was interesting to watch was when Sam literally referenced Made in Chelsea whilst on Made in Chelsea. The fourth wall was basically broken and it was weird.

When Spencer bought Steph a Prada bag

Steph Pratt was always good value for money and Spencer was always a pain. So this scene works well for showing them both at their most authentic selves.

I think like Steph, we would all take the Prada bag no matter what Spencer did.

When Sam Prince slept with a girl in Toff’s bed

This moment was actually vile. Sam Prince and Toff were casually seeing each other, but whilst she was out he slept with a girl in her bed and then didn’t even change the sheets.

The only reason it’s included in this roundup was for how shocking it was and the tension that built up as you’re watching it.

Ollie and JP’s big fight

Sorry but I’ve never seen anyone go more red during an argument than JP.

JP and Ollie’s fight is so memorable for JP’s famous line “I’m a gentleman. My parents raised me right!” As if that was a good enough reason why he should have another try at a relationship with Binky.

The whole argument was chaotic, loud and achieved nothing apart from making us all laugh at its ridiculousness.

The Croatia dinner

This moment was peak Jamie Laing meddling and watching everything erupt in front of him. During the Croatia series Jamie invited Diana to have lunch with them all.

The only problem was Diana had held hands with Harry and slept with Sam. And Sophie and Melissa had no idea either had happened.

It was one of the most awkward dinners on Made in Chelsea, but what really made it was Jamie pissing himself laughing in the corner.

When Millie slapped Spencer

You can’t have a Made in Chelsea best bits without including Millie slapping Spencer. We do not condone violence however this was a classic moment of TV, partly for Spencer’s reaction to Millie slapping him.

They seem to have made up now, so all is good.

Victoria’s ‘turkey’ comment

Look you know it was coming. This moment is historic and classic old gold Made in Chelsea. Victoria has apologised for saying it, but it will forever live in our memories.

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