Jamie Laing is leaving MIC, so here are his most memorable moments on the show

I’m actually gonna miss his cheating ways

The fit, tanned and privileged residents of South West London are on a permanent rotation for the Made in Chelsea cast, but one constant has always remained – Jamie Laing. From the very start Jamie has been in the show causing laughs, heart ache and drama. But now he’s made the announcement he’s leaving the show for good. And Made in Chelsea will never be the same.

Jamie told the Mail Online he’s leaving the show after 10 years as there’s no reason for him to appear.

He said: “It was an amazing experience and I loved it and I have a huge amount of respect for everyone that creates that show but for the moment I am stepping back from it.

“It’s a classic statement but I am stepping back 100 per cent. I love that show but also I’m 32. With a reality show you’ve got to really throw yourself into it and whatever I do I want to do it to my best ability and put my all into it and at the moment I can’t do that and I have other things I need to do.”

And now it’s time to say goodbye to Jamie and thank him for his service to reality TV. After appearing in more than 220 episodes of the show Jamie has had for better or worse some truly memorable moments.

This is the round up of all Jamie Laing’s most memorable times you need to reminisce on:

When he dated Binky

Honestly this was wild, I know he’s dated nearly everyone, but him and Binky dating even for like one or two episodes was just bizarre.

When he tried to make ‘pardy’ a thing

Bless him he really tried to make it a vibe by saying “pardy” instead of “party” as some ultra posh thing that no one else did. Maybe in his honour we should bring it back.

Let’s also add “yeah boi!” to the list as well because that was peak 2013.

When he turned up to his bank manager wearing a fur coat

Yes it was very much set up for the show, but it’s classic old school Made in Chelsea and I miss those days.

When he kissed Lucy in the hot tub and denied the whole thing

One of the early examples of Jamie cheating occurred back in season five when it was revealed he had kissed Lucy in the hot tub, only for Tara to be introduced as his girlfriend an episode later.

This was the same episode as the infamous Spencer Louise bridge scene, so you’d be forgiven for forgetting about it.

When he confronted Mytton in Central Park for kissing Tara

Obviously it was a very sad moment for Jamie, but it was so melodramatic that I think we all need to thank him for it. When he starts to tear up about Tara and then ends it with a “go back to London you prick”. Golden.

When he fell in love with anyone he met

Louise, Binky, Lucy, Tara, Tina, Frankie, Heloise, Riley, Sophie, the bar staff, the next door neighbour (only kidding). But in all seriousness Jamie made it a very common habit to tell a girl he loved her after approximately five minutes of meeting.

When he revealed Sam had cheated on Tiff and all hell broke loose

Jamie loves to stir the pot and none more so than when it’s someone else in the hot seat for once. At the end of season 10 he revealed Sam’s past cheating and then got to sit back and watch the drama unfold.

When Jamie made a massive declaration of love to Lucy and then cheated on her

It was the moment rom coms are made of. Jamie made a massive declaration of love to Lucy, in the fake snow, with a horse drawn carriage. And they finally got together.

That is until a few days later he was photographed kissing someone else in Miami. Was anyone surprised? No.

When he chewed his sunglasses every episode

Did an episode of Made in Chelsea go by without Jamie Laing chewing on the end of his sunglasses whilst having a set up conversation on the corner of the street? Seriously does he have any sunglasses left?

His entire relationship with Frankie

Look no one has the time to go through the many, many ups and downs of Jamie’s relationship with Frankie. It was chaotic, unhealthy and not good for either of them.

There were too many tears, fights and not enough fun. It was exhausting to watch and thank god it’s over now.

When Sam threw a drink over him

I mean in fairness this should be included in a Sam appreciation post but always nice to relive the moment.

When he brought the Las Vegas girl to Croatia for an entire dinner with everyone

This was chaotic TV gold. Jamie invited Diana who had met Harry and Sam in Vegas. She hooked up with Sam and Harry told her some pretty shocking things. Habbs and Melissa knew none of this, so like the chaotic king he is, Jamie invited her down to tell the girls.

Honestly his face whilst this whole scene is going down is hilarious, he’s trying not to piss himself laughing and I just enjoy it a lot.

When he had a massive fall out with Sam

Sam and Jamie had a fair few tiffs over the years but nothing was more dramatic than when he dated Habbs after Sam asked him not to.

They didn’t speak for ages and it was really sad. But luckily they’re mates now and the universe can breathe a sigh of relief.

When he cheated on Habbs

Is anyone surprised at this point? For all your faults, I think we’re gonna miss you Jamie.

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