Revealed: These are the schools which get the most students into Oxbridge

I’m going to shock you and say not all of these are private schools

The list of schools which get the most students into Oxbridge has been revealed – and a couple of state schools have managed to crack the top five.

The Spectator has handily put together a list combining Oxford and Cambridge’s figures for 2020. We’ve crunched the numbers a bit further to show which schools have the best success rate.

In a staggering stat, Westminster School – alma mater of Louis Theroux, Helena Bonham Carter, and Nick Clegg – managed to get exactly half of its 186 applicants a place. Eton could only manage to get a third of its applicants a place.

But not all of the list are swanky private schools. In fact, 11 of the top 25 are state schools.

However, the top state schools on the list still have a lower success rate than the top private schools. Both state schools who ranked in the top five had a lower percentage of offers than any of the private schools in the top five.

Which schools get the most students into Oxbridge? Check out the table below:

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