Quiz: Only a true Gilmore Girls fan will guess who said each of these 15 quotes

Even Rory would struggle getting full marks

One of Gilmore Girls’ strengths has to be its script. It’s witty, sarcastic and if you can keep up with how fast Lorelai and Rory speak, you will know they come out with some classic one liners.

Each of the characters’ lines are perfectly suited to them and reveal so much of their character. Paris never holds back and says exactly how she feels, so you always know when a quote is straight to the point, it must be Paris. And of course the maddest quotes of the show have to come from Kirk, as no one can ever predict what is going to come out of his mouth.

But how well do you know the quotes from Gilmore Girls? Would you be able to pass a Gilmore Girls quote quiz? Can you tell the difference between the sassy remarks of Emily and Michel?

Well we’ve created a quiz to test just how well you know who said what during seven seasons of Gilmore Girls.

Take this Gilmore Girls quote quiz to test your fan knowledge:

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