gilmore girls character quiz

Quiz: Which of the girls from Gilmore Girls are you?

Won’t lie, I want to be Paris

Gilmore Girls is all about the female characters on the show. It’s a story of mothers, daughters and friendship above anything else. The women are strong, unique and fuelled by coffee. But which of the characters would you be? Well it’s time find out with our Gilmore Girls character quiz.

Unlike so many other shows the women of Gilmore Girls have such specific, developed personalities and your own character definitely fits some residents of Stars Hollow more than others.

Some people are loud, fun and bubbly like Lorelai and Sookie. Whereas others are more reserved like Rory and Lane. And then of course some people really just say it like it is like Paris and Emily.

But it’s also your interests that determine which of the Gilmore Girls you are most like. If you’re obsessed with books and learning then of course you’re similar to Rory and Paris. But if your idea of a decent Friday night is a big dinner party with all your friends then that makes you far more like Emily or Sookie. Or you could be all about a chilled out evening with plenty of snacks like Lane and Lorelai.

If you’ve ever watched Gilmore Girls and wondered who your TV twin is, then answer these 12 questions about your dream house, your relationship with your mother and which of Rory’s boyfriends you prefer to see who you’re most like.

To find out which female character you’re most similar to, take our Gilmore Girls’ character quiz:

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