gilmore girls trivia quiz

Only a true Gilmore Girls fan will score 13/15 on this trivia quiz

Paris will be very unimpressed with a low score

To celebrate Gilmore Girls’ 20th anniversary, it’s only right that the true super fans should be tested on their Gilmore Girls trivia knowledge with a quiz.

After seven seasons, 153 episodes and a Netflix special a lot of stuff went down in the town of Stars Hollow. We watched Rory and Lorelai fall in love with multiple men, Rory graduate school and college, Lorelai run her own inn and Kirk have over 60 jobs.

The show is loved for it’s eccentric characters and warm family vibe, but how well do you remember those characters and all the stuff that happened to them?

Can you remember which season Richard and Emily renewed their vows? What was Luke’s wife called? And just how many Thanksgiving meals did Lorelai and Rory attend in the Deep-Fried Korean Thanksgiving episode?

It’s time to test your Gilmore Girls knowledge with this trivia quiz and only real fans are getting full marks:

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