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Every reason Eloise is the best part of Bridgerton and must be protected at all costs

Not to be dramatic, but I would die for her

Netflix’s Bridgerton introduced the world to an abundance of complex and unfairly attractive characters. There’s the gorgeous Duke with his painful backstory, the kind and sweet Penelope who experiences her first heartbreak and of course there’s Daphne who wants nothing more than to marry for love. These characters are all well and good, but they pale in comparison to the one and only Eloise Bridgerton.

From the first two minutes of the series it’s clear Eloise speaks her mind and isn’t afraid to do so. It is also very obvious that unlike the rest of her sisters, Eloise seeks a different life than that of the restrictive marriage, dresses and high tea she feels the women in society aspire to.

It is worth watching all eight episodes of Bridgerton just to watch Eloise’s sassy remarks, moments of innocence and above all her perseverance to not become another society bride.

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If you needed anymore convincing Eloise is the best character in Bridgerton then here is every single reason why she is worthy of all the praise:

She’s a feminist

The main reason everyone has fallen madly in love with Eloise is her feminist viewpoint. For a show and era that’s all about women’s journey to marriage and babies, Eloise stands out for actively opposing this lifestyle.

Throughout the show she shows her distaste for how women are treated like birds and objects. She calls out the absurdity of the rituals and traditions her sister and mother surround themselves with.

Eloise is also painfully aware of the differences between how her brothers and sisters are treated. Such as when she calls Benedict out for not getting an art tutor. He is perfectly able to follow all his dreams, she is aware of the barriers that hold her back and wants her brother to appreciate his privilege.

She dares to dream of a different life

Though the inevitable will probably end up happening, Eloise dares to think she can lead a life without marriage and babies.

She wants to nurture her mind and go to university, and for a woman in the time period that is an incredibly radical aspiration.

Eloise is a great lover of food

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I am always here for seeing a girl appreciate food on TV, and most importantly not sharing it with her brothers.

Eloise is actually a great sibling

Whilst Eloise and Daphne have their moments of disagreement, Eloise is still a very supportive sister when it matters. When Lord Berbrooke comes to visit Daphne, Eloise tries not to leave her sister alone with the hideous man.

Eloise is also a good sister to Benedict, they share secrets and she never reveals his relationship with Madame Delacroix. Eloise also encourages him to pursue his art and they look like they’re having a good time smoking.

She’s such a vibe smoking on the swing

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Speaking of smoking, I know it’s a horrible habit that I should not be encouraging, but Eloise just looks so vibey sitting on the swing having a fag in her night gown. Honestly, put that the cover of Vogue now.

She doesn’t doubt her own intelligence and skill

We all need to take some self-belief lessons from Eloise. She has no doubt that she can find out Lady Whistledown’s identity. Even when she’s knocked back she carries on because she has enough confidence in herself to know she can complete the task.

This moment when she carries a whole pear in her mouth

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That’s it, that’s all that needs to be said.

Despite her strength she also has moments of vulnerability and stupidity

Eloise is a great reminder that no one is perfect, and we should never strive to be. Though she is incredibly strong and forthcoming in her opinions, she is also vulnerable and shows it in select moments.

When she expresses her fear of childbirth to Daphne, you can see how terrified she is, and it’s refreshing to see a character who is both tough but open about her fears.

Eloise also has no problem admitting when she makes a mistake, such as the time she thinks her housekeeper could be Lady Whistledown and has no problem saying she got it very wrong.

When she expertly called this guy out

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Did I mention I love her?

She’s a good friend to Penelope

Yes they have a falling out, but in the end she’s there for Penelope when it matters most. And she doesn’t just give her a hug and say “there, there”, she actually does something to make her friend’s life better.

After Lady Whistledown’s revelation about Miss Thompson’s pregnancy, the Featheringtons’ reputation is in tatters. However Eloise takes it upon herself to restore Penelope’s reputation by attempting to find Lady Whistledown and have her say something good about the Featheringtons.

What makes her a truly good friend in this moment, is even though she does not wish for the same things as Penelope, she knows marriage and reputation is important to Penelope and therefore wants to help her.

She’s a giant nerd

Book lovers stand up, this is our time. Eloise is a nerdy book girl’s dream. She reads, she writes, she wants to go to university and learn. But most importantly she’s also cool and confident. And I just love her for it.

And finally Eloise isn’t afraid to ask the important questions

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She’s just saying what we’re all thinking.

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