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Only a true connoisseur will get full marks on this McDonald’s menu trivia quiz

How much does an apple pie cost?

One constant throughout the various lockdowns has been food, and if you’re trying to shift the pounds after a particularly gluttonous few months of being sat inside doing nothing but boredom eating – this one may be for you. Not all of us are ready to go and grab a Maccies just yet (that’s for mid-January when we all fail our resolutions), so for now, this McDonald’s menu trivia quiz will have to vicariously give you that same fix.

So, whether you’ll be lusting over what could be whilst you’re dieting or you’re getting yourself psyched up for your imminent trip to the nearest golden arches, answer these 10 McDonald’s menu trivia quiz questions to find out if you’re really a burger buff or just a deep-fried failure.

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