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Quiz: Create your perfect McDonald’s meal and we’ll tell you your type

If you’re craving Chicken Selects you defo want a sports player

Right now, all we want and more is to eat a McDonald’s. It is love, it is life, it is beautiful. And it turns out it says a lot about you as a person – which this McDonald’s quiz is about to tell you.

What you order from the menu defines you – even down to the type of person you want to sleep with or spend the rest of your life with. There’s a certain persona which goes with someone who orders a cheeseburger with extra gherkins or a Happy Meal followed by a McFlurry – and that then reveals your exact type. Those who order flat whites belong together, and you have a distinct taste if you’re ordering a Filet-O-Fish out of choice.

Take this McDonald’s quiz to finally reveal exactly what you want in life from a significant other.

Create a meal in this McDonald’s quiz and we’ll tell you your type:

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