Shaughna is being accused of having a boyfriend when she was on Love Island

It comes after she posted a picture with a mystery man

People on Instagram are suggesting Shaughna Phillips had a boyfriend when she appeared on Love Island last year.

In a now deleted Instagram post, Shaughna shared a picture of herself alongside a guy whose face is covered with a firework emoji.

Shaughna had captioned the post: “Starting 2021 with the same people I started 2020 with, and feeling very lucky.”

via Instagram @shaughnaphillips

Her comment led many social media users to question who the mystery man was, and most importantly if it meant she had a boyfriend when she appeared on Love Island in January last year.

Many asked if she was in a relationship during Love Island and also pointed out she had appeared on Celebs Go Dating at the end of last year.

Shaughna replied to one of the comments and said “it’s television lol”.

via Twitter

She also responded to another user who questioned why Shaughna appeared on a dating show if she was in a relationship.

They asked: “Surely if you’re in a relationship you wouldn’t be going on dating programmes?”

Shaughna replied asking the Instagram user if they could change their mum’s life would they?

She said: “If you had the ability to potentially change your mum’s/ parents’ life, would you?

“For me, personally, being able to help my mum in anything she financially would need outweighed ANY other scenario.

“That’s the relationship that means everything to me, and I would do anything to give her the life she deserves. We may not agree, but I hope you understand my decision.”

via Twitter

However Shaughna’s rep has denied the allegations and told the Metro Shaughna is dating someone she met a few weeks ago.

They said: “Over the past few weeks Shaughna has met someone who she is currently dating.

“Prior to this Shaughna has been single since before her appearance on Love Island – so in total has been single for two years until now.

“Love Island has given Shaughna many fantastic commercial opportunities which she is so very grateful for.”

Featured image credit via Instagram @shaughnaphillips

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