You’ve seen them dance, but what do TikTok’s biggest stars actually sound like?

Bella Poarch is a singer

If you’re anything like me, when you’re scrolling through your FYP watching video after video of people miming to other people’s voices, you start to become a bit detached with reality and go a little crazy. The majority of people on the app aren’t even using their own voices or music – it’s just a stream of people borrowing from others. Think about it, have you ever heard the biggest TikToker voices like Bella Poarch? Or what about Addison Rae?

Well, this exact thought led me on a quest to find what the biggest TikTokers really sound like, and you’ll honestly be surprised by a couple of them.

Charli D’Amelio

If you haven’t heard Charli speak in videos and interviews then it might be quite a surprise to see how blunt and to the point she appears to be a lot of the time. She’s not sugarcoating anything, she’s not screaming “GOOOOOOD SMILEY MORNING HOW ARE WE DOING ON THIS FINE POSITIVE HAPPY DAY” and honestly it is seriously refreshing.

Bryce Hall

This guy is a humongous wanker, so it’s even more concerning that the supposedly “good” people of TikTok such as the D’Amelios still hang out with him and boost his career. In the above video, he hoarsely addresses the camera with veins popping out of his neck and tries to scare his friend Blake.

He sounds every inch the frat boy you’d imagine him to be.

Gilmher and Jaden Croes

The two brothers have referenced their South American nationality in previous videos so it’s no surprise that they’ve got slight accents attached to their perky Americanised voices. Born on the island of Aruba, they’re instantly enviable for having lived in such a beautiful place. As you can see from the above, their presentation style errs a little on the shouty side.

Loren Gray

Another non-surprise is Loren Gray’s voice. Literally, this is no different to how you’d imagine it being but anyway, who’s focussing on that when she’s giving a tour of this massive house she’s just bought?! She was born in 2002.

Bella Poarch

Okay so here’s one of the most surprising TikToker voices. As you’ve seen already, most TikTok stars are more than happy to expand their empires into different forms of media where talking is necessary. However, this doesn’t seem to be Bella’s approach, and in fact, she’s gone one step further by seemingly enforcing a strict code of silence.

After a bit of a trawl, I managed to find this but it’s hardly a good quality recording, and this is literally it. Seriously, there is not one reliable clip online of Bella speaking, and I DON’T KNOW WHY. Considering she has the most liked TikTok video of all time, you’d think she’d want to shout about it at least a bit.

Luckily, although she’s not showing us her normal talking voice, she has made a number of videos which feature her singing and what can I say other than wow? She’s clearly got talent, but it’s just odd that she chooses not to speak.

Jojo Siwa

Watching even a couple of seconds of this video is angering to say the least because of her incessant screaming, but we all knew what we were in for because Jojo Siwa has been in the entertainment biz for far longer than many of the people on this list. She should stick with her TikTok voice (saying nothing).

Originally taking part in an American TV show called Dance Moms, her career progressed into a fully-fledged YouTube channel, where she currently has 12 million subscribers.

Lil Huddy

“What’s cooking good looking?”

URGHHH. The whole video is so awkward and not even in a good way, but yeah… what more is there to say? He sounds like he looks.

Addison Rae

Is it just me or does Addison Rae take on a COMPLETELY different persona when talking normally? Having just seen videos of her on TikTok she just doesn’t look or act at all how I’d expect her to, but it’s actually one of the nicer TikToker voices.

She seems really pleasant and down to earth which is a shame considering her man is the innocent-person-assaulting, Covid-rule-violating, slut-shaming bastard that is Bryce Hall.

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