We found MC Monty from the ‘I was sitting in the gaff and I had no f***ing clue’ TikTok

He was not happy

You’ve seen the type of videos before. A load of high-voiced kids dressed in brazenly 2009 era clothing sitting on a park bench and rapping. Blackpool had Little T with BG Media. Some unfortunate Northern town had to put up with Smithy Boy and L-Dot. But for TikTok and subsequently the entire UK right now, we have something a little more special. It is, of course, none other than MC Monty and his crew, with the bars that are: “I was sitting in the gaff and I had no fucking clue”.

What inspired these genius lyrics to come out of MC Monty’s mouth is nothing short of miraculous, but who actually is he? Where did this clip even originate? And is there more to it?! Well, I managed to unmask MC Monty once and for all to ask him and, as it turns out, he’s not best pleased that this has become such a viral sensation as of recent.

@actualnonesensespitting bars yo ##fyp ##lol ##rap ##lmao ##ProblemSolved♬ original sound – name.

For those that would like a written transcript before we get going, the poetic lyrics are as follows:

“B B B B B B bass!
MC Monty on the mic, YES I!
Yes, I was sitting in the gaff and I had no fucking clue,
Yes, I had to do, something to do.”

Who is MC Monty and why was he sitting in the gaff without a clue?

It’s the question that is on everyone’s minds right now – just who is the elusive MC Monty? Well, after a long sleuth through various YouTube comments sections, I found several comments that pointed towards a chap called Max. Let’s just say that these comments didn’t exactly speak highly of the guy, but this wasn’t going to deter me from doing my duty.

Another lengthy Google search through multiple profiles ensued until I found one that looked like a particularly good match. Same sandy hair, similar facial structure. Fuck, I’ll be damned if this is anyone other than MC Monty himself. Now, I don’t know what I expected from messaging someone out of the blue with the assumption that they were MC Monty, but this reply was nothing short of startling:

We actually had to remove part of this message like come on

A stab in the dark, but this was the only way I was going to real this fish in, and it looks like I’d certainly got a fight on my hands. After the VILE TIRADE from the guy, he went onto the matter of how much I’d need to pay him to spill, which all but confirmed that this was indeed MC Monty!

Quite right though, after all this wasn’t going to be a one-sided transaction. What was he going to get out of it? Well, nothing if my tight pockets could get away with it:

mc monty, max, I was sitting in the gaff

Translation: “Because you’re on benefits, you filthy junkie.”

There was no way I was going to keep up with the sharp intellect and cutting tongue of this man, but I nevertheless tried to coax him out of his shell with the promise of FIVE GBP. Note my desperacy in securing an interview has me resorting to the use of words such as “dash” and “u” to give the impression that I’m remotely youthful enough to combat his Scot slang.

I’m disappointed to reveal that this was a feckless pursuit:

Again, it’s a no. I wasn’t ever going to reveal anything personal about MC Monty, but now that he’s brought out such unprovoked verbal cannon fire, it would just seem even more wrong. So, MC Max Monty is how he shall remain to his many loving fans. I really can only apologise.

Where did the “sitting in the gaff” TikTok clip come from?

Not all is lost. There’s actually a lot more footage of MC Monty et al rapping, as it turns out that the clip from TikTok is just a small snippet. AND he is joined by MC Welshy and MC Beardy! We are spoiled.

On second review, either MC Monty has got really good with the Scottish slang to throw people off or he’s covering it up in this video because he does not sound Scottish in the slightest. Either way, this is lyricism of classic proportion, and we’re lucky to have been alive in the same living period as such an esteemed writer. Cheers!

mc monty, max, I was sitting in the gaff

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