2020 inspired halloween costumes

These are the best 2020 inspired Halloween costumes to celebrate this terrifying year

Obvs going as a sexy banana bread

2020 has sparked a lot of terrifying things, and one of those is all the people joking “I don’t need to celebrate Halloween, this year has been scary enough”. It’s not funny or original but luckily these 2020 inspired Halloween costumes are 100 per cent fun and 50 per cent original.

In no other year could you turn up as a sexy Joe Exotic and have it make complete sense. But that is not the only costume you can get for all your Zoom Halloween parties, in fact you could just turn up as the Zoom screen.

There’s the Robert Pattinson meme, Animal Crossing characters and a sexy hand sanitiser costume, because hygiene is hot people.

If that isn’t enough inspiration for you then please consult our guide of the best 2020 inspired Halloween costumes. I”ll be partying as Jess Glynne getting kicked out of Sexy Fish:

Tiger King

via Yandy

One of the highlights of 2020 was easily Netflix’s Tiger King. Now this Halloween you could either channel your inner Carole Baskin and go for a flower crown and tie dye T-shirt, or be more Joe Exotic in one of his music videos, with a wide brim hat and two husbands.

Or you could do an even better level of weirdness with a sexy Tiger King inspired costume thanks to Yandy, the provider of sexy Halloween costumes, including this one that features denim knee high boots and a brown leather choker. No contest really, definitely going for that one.

Paul Mescal

Easily the fittest man this year, you could have a very minimal effort Halloween costume by just wearing a chain and claiming you’re Connell from Normal People.

However if you actually want to make an effort for your party of six then channel the real Paul Mescal with a pair of short white running shorts, Ray Bans and two cans of pink gin in hand.

Emily in Paris

One of the true horror stories recently has been the Netflix show Emily in Paris. For the costume all you need is a beret and a bunch of outdated French clichés.

Spend the Zoom party complaining the steak isn’t cooked enough and moan about how rude the French are.

Hand sanitiser

via Yandy

It’s the essential item of 2020. Alongside your mask you should be carrying your hand sanitiser everywhere. So why not kill two birds with one stone and dress up as a hand sanitiser bottle complete with a plastic see through skirt?

Robert Pattinson meme

Finally the perfect outfit if you just want to stand in the kitchen all night. The viral picture of Robert Pattinson standing in a kitchen in a big tracksuit top is a 2020 mood.

All you need is an odd expression, your face and a matching tracksuit. You might not be able to go to a party this year but you’ll at least get loads of likes on your Instagram for this 2020 inspired Halloween costume.

Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing used to be the game for those people who hadn’t really left their childhood and actually invested in a Nintendo Switch, but then lockdown happened and we all became rightfully obsessed.

Seeing as you’ve probably spent more time with the Animal Crossing characters this year than your own friends, dress up as one of them.

Sexy banana bread

via Yandy

Yep you didn’t think your go to lockdown bake would become an instant Halloween costume, but turns out you can sexualise just about anything.

Yandy are selling a sexy banana bread costume for $42.95 and honestly, what a look.

The Karen meme

Karen memes have had a resurgence this year and so to recreate the classic “Can I speak to the manager?” look find yourself a blonde asymmetrical wig and a pair of oversized sunglasses and you’re set.

Just leave the racist attitude at home.

Zoom call

In our new reality we basically spend our lives on Zoom, which is downright terrifying tbh. So spend Halloween on Zoom but as the Zoom screen, it will horrify your mates.

TikTok cancelled costume

via Yandy

A near terrifying moment earlier this year was Donald Trump threatening to ban TikTok in the US. What would Addison Rae have done then?

Yandy have decided to make light of what could have been a disastrous situation with a “Banned TikTok” inspired costume.

Jess Glynne at Sexy Fish

Jess Glynne experienced at truly scary moment this year – being denied entry to Sexy Fish because of her sportswear. The discrimination is terrifying.

The good news is you probably have something very similar to Jess’ tragic sweatpants, hoodie and trainers look in your wardrobe. In fact you’re probably wearing it right now.

Toilet paper

It was the scarce resource everyone fought to death for at the beginning of lockdown. However now we know we’re not actually in World War Two and there’s plenty of toilet paper to go around.

If you’re on a budget wrapping a bunch of toilet paper around you like a mummy is an easy costume, or you can actually find giant toilet roll costumes from the internet.

Harry Styles in the Watermelon Sugar video

Our Lord and Saviour of 2020 was Harry Styles, and the Watermelon Sugar video was a gift from the gods. So find a crochet knit vest, a watermelon and celebrate that sometimes there are good things in life – they just come in Harry Styles shaped packages.

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