relationship 50/50 memes

A relationship should be 50/50, but these 27 memes are 100 per cent hilarious

‘A relationship should be 50/50, he’s a punk and she does ballet’

Everyone has their idea of what makes up an equal and balanced relationship. Some think it should be a give and take, others think both people should put in the same amount of effort, usually making a relationship 50/50. And the clever people on Twitter have taken this relationship idea to create some quality memes.

The “a relationship should be 50/50” memes have been taking over Twitter and Instagram this weekend. Whilst some are displaying pretty cringe ideals of a relationship, like “I push you to follow your dreams and you push me to follow mine”.

Others are showing a very funny unbalanced divide between things in a relationship by saying things like “I exist and you adore me”. But most of them are just taking the piss by using the format and applying it to the Lord of The Rings and Taylor Swift Songs.

These are the 27 funniest relationships should be 50/50 memes:

1. Avril was 100 per cent correct

2. I would like to thank Zac Efron for my high expectations of men

3. So romantic

4. How is he not a mind reader by now?

5. It’s only fair

6. Did someone say GOALS?

7. The dream

8. Well obviously he has to apologise

9. The Robin to my Batman

10. I’ve turned up, what more do you want from me?

11. Sigh.

12. He died in a mysterious accident

13. Don’t you just hate when this happens?

14. Happens to me all the time

15. He’s lucky it’s once a month tbh

16. Lollll

17. Equality

18. No men under six foot pls

19. Totally fair trade

20. Damn I miss this show

21. Sam really carried Frodo

22. Applications are open for my Insta husband

23. Where do I find someone like this? Asking for a friend…

24. This is how it should be

25. Don’t really see the fairness here

26. Basically got my own driver

27. This one is the clear winner

Featured image credit: Annette Sousa on Unsplash

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