The pubs are shutting at 10pm but these 39 lockdown two reactions are available 24/7

‘Awww second lockdown? I was gonna go gym as well.’

Anyone else got the feeling of deja vu? Because let’s face it whilst we’re nearly at the end of September it feels like we’re back in March stuck in a perpetual coronavirus cycle with the threat of a second lockdown looming.

Boris Johnson is addressing the nation at 8pm today, at the same time as the new episode of Bake Off starts, so rude. In his address he’s thought to be announcing that pubs will have to close at 10pm, because obvs corona only comes out at night.

Everything may be going to shit, but at least we have plenty of memes and reactions to get us through this mad time. From jokes about the 10pm curfew, to a full breakdown about a second lockdown, to cancelled Christmas, people on Twitter and Instagram are the gift that keep on giving with the quality memes.

These are the 39 funniest lockdown two memes for you to enjoy (well it’s not like you’ve got anything else to do):

1. “I’ve had enough”

2. How the mighty have fallen

3. Hahaha this is my favourite

4. In case you didn’t know

5. I can’t do it

6. Second one incoming huns x

7. Just a thought

8. Hahha yeah I’m totally fine

9. This is long but so worth it

10. Just gonna have to get my pornstar martini at 8pm

11. Ohhhh shit

12. Merry Christmas everybody

13. Wait, what? No Christmas party?

14. Ffs I just want a white wine

15. National bedtime? Sounds like a great idea

16. Lol I wish

17. Sounds pretty easy to me

18. Still not going to make banana bread

19. Wake me up when this is all over

20. Potentially the worst sequel in history

21. I’m out

22. Hahahhaa

23. Bottomless brunch anyone?

24. Finish that vodka soda and it’s my time to shine

25. Fair.

26. I have aged beyond my years in the last few months

27. Where did they all go?

28. Oh you’re a fan of lockdown? Name five songs from their first album

29. Hehehe I see you

30. The actual cheek of it

31. Makes sense

32. Look I’m just gonna have to start early ok

33. If the curfew works I’ll be stunned

34. There’s always a silver lining

35. If I have to I will

36. Giving up rn

37. I am done for here

38. Not even corona could stand up to Shirley

39. Damn, what a shame

Featured image credit (background): Annie Spratt on Unsplash 

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