Ok but why is everyone saying ‘Da Vinky’? Here’s the viral meme explained

‘This has been living in my head rent free since the moment I saw it’

Today in things-the-internet-says-but-nobody-knows-why is ‘Da Vinky’ – the viral meme that literally, nobody asked for.

Right now, the word is all over TikTok and Twitter, so if you’ve seen the memes and have no idea what’s going on – here’s an explainer of where it came from and the original video that started it all.

The Da Vinky meme started when the Voros twins posted this video on TikTok

The meme started when twins Chris and Patrick Voros posted a video of them using the trivia filter onto TikTok. They were posed with some fairly easy questions, none of which they knew the answer to. One of these questions was: “Who painted the Mona Lisa?”. The answer is of course Leonardo da Vinci, but when “da Vinci” came up in the answer box, the pair were confused and both replied “da Vinky????”.

The original TikTok video has had over eight million views and it even got shared on The Late Late Show with James Corden, basically rinsing the twins for being stupid.

Now people are using the word Da Vinky as a meme, and it’s spreading everywhere

People can’t stop sharing the word, and are posting pictures of other twins and captioning it “Da Vinky”. Honestly, I can’t get it out of my head either.

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Yeah, we might all be obsessed with the Voros twins now.

And btw, the twins know we all think they’re dumb and they don’t care

The 27-year-old twins have responded to their viral fame, and have reassured everyone that they actually intended for people to laugh at them – and they do know who Leonardo da Vinci actually is.

They told BuzzFeed News: “We were just seeing how many ridiculous answers we could come up with. We were cracking up so much.

“We’re just very strange. We hang out together 99.9 per cent of the time… We have silly voices and silly hair. There’s a lot to take in. I think the reason it got popular is people want to feel like they’re smarter than someone. We made the entire world laugh for a week now, and if during this time, people could get a good kick out of us…and if it makes people feel smarter than us, then that’s fine.”

They added: “At the end of the day, obviously we’re smart people and we obviously know who da Vinci is.”

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