Ranked: These are the uni cities with the absolute worst student landlords

No it’s fine, I can live with a collapsed ceiling for three months!!!

Whether it’s taking six months to fix a leaky ceiling, deducting money off your deposit for imaginary damage, or just never replying to texts, student landlords are simply some of the worst specimens society has to offer. A bad experience is par for the course – but which uni city suffers the most?

Southampton has the worst student landlords in the country, according to a new rankings put together from Yell, Trustpilot, RightMove and Google reviews.

Liverpool and Leeds come closely behind them, with their landlords gratefully scraping a score over half.

London landlords somehow do well in the rankings, coming in at fourth. Given all we know about London landlords – cast your mind to showers next to beds – that’s quite the upset.

No uni city scored more than 4.1 out of five – which is hardly surprising. But how bad are the student landlords in your uni city? Find out below:


Cities were scored out of a possible score of five in the research compiled by boiler company HeatingForce.co.uk. We took the average of the scores given to five London unis to give the overall London score.

Have you had a terrible experience with your uni landlord? Get in touch by emailing [email protected] with your story.

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