These are the uni cities where students pay the most in rent

Some of you pay £250 a month for your houses and it shows

Every student who goes to uni in a second-tier UK city will, when discussing its merits, fall back on the old reliable “at least the rent’s really cheap though”. It’s a consolation prize, but how true is it? Where do students pay the most in rent?

London’s at the top of the list, which is reassuring in a way. Poor saps paying £716 a month for a student house in the capital will make you feel better about that UCL rejection.

As you’d expect, Oxford and Brighton are also well up there, in the rankings compiled by Natwest.

Down the other end of the list, students in Cardiff pay an average of just £328 a month for rent, while in Belfast you can get yourself a room for the low low price of £251.50.

How much are students at your uni paying in rent? Check out the table below:

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