Only a real ex-Directioner could finish all the 1D lyrics on this quiz

Better ring 13-year-old you because it’s her time to shine

It’s 2014. One Direction have just released their latest album. You’ve already downloaded it to your iPod, ran to your best mate’s house, and now you’re dancing around her room, blasting the music and singing your little hearts out to all the absolute bops. You’re wearing a questionable outfit, the room is definitely covered with 1D posters, and you’ll probably go home and read some weird fan fiction later.

Fast forward six years, you pretend to all your new uni mates that you were always too cool for 1D, and they all laugh and nod along. Well, let me tell you this: You’re all liars. No one, and I repeat, no one, is too cool for 1D, especially not as an awkward teenager with braces and a VERY deep side parting. And you, reading this now, are still not too cool for 1D. I’m sorry but it’s just science.

Anyway, how well do you remember all of 1D’s bangers? Between What Makes You Beautiful, Story Of My Life and Drag Me Down, are all the lyrics still tattooed on the inside of your brain? (Yes, yes they are). So you better prove it by taking this quiz and finishing all the 1D song lyrics:

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