Think you were a Directioner? Prove it by taking this 1D trivia quiz

Don’t lie to yourself, you were obsessed

It’s now been 11 years since One Direction first got together. We used Dream Matte Mousse on the daily, wore denim shorts with studded belts, and were absolutely obsessed with these five teenage boys. We knew the words to every song, followed their every move on Twitter, and most probably read some very questionable fan fiction.

Five years later, they broke up and tore the heart from the chest of every teenage girl in the world in one fell swoop. One girl at my school cried so much she was sick and had to go home.

Now, of course, we’re adults who do our own laundry, but the One Direction knowledge we gained through years of being Directioners is still with us. But how much do you really remember? Do you know their … ahem, history? (Sorry).

Take this 1D trivia quiz to find out:

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