Even though we’re all adults take this quiz to see which 1D boy you’d end up with

Please god give me Harry

The One Direction boys have been disbanded for over five years now – I mean, technically they’re on hiatus but I’d put more money on the chances of me dying mid writing this intro than them actually getting back together anytime soon. But even five years on, we still weirdly care about these boys. I mean partly because a good 2/5 of them are still pretty fit, and Harry Styles is a God, but also because our teeny tiny teenage hearts will always love them in some sense.

Your fourteen year old preferences still thrive, as well, and you care very much when the discussion of “who the fittest” or “who the best” member of 1D comes up. You will always have an opinion. But who are you meant to be with? Take this quiz to find out.

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