Harry Styles, Watermelon Sugar, video

Everyone is losing their goddamn minds over Harry Styles’ Watermelon Sugar video

I’ve never wanted to be a watermelon more in my life

Good morning to Harry Styles and Harry Styles only. He’s just dropped the Watermelon Sugar music video and suddenly everything in life is so much better. It’s been on YouTube for less than a day and already has 9 million views. Yes, the planet has lost its head for Watermelon Sugar – and the memes prove it.

Harry Styles is actually a king, he’s unfathomably beautiful, has never done anything wrong and quite frankly I adore every last inch of him. Hell, I’ve lost my mind too. Don’t talk to me for approximately 3-5 working days whilst I watch the Watermelon Sugar music video on loop.

The only thing I’ll be doing in between watching it on repeat is injecting the memes about Watermelon Sugar. Here are some of the best, because we’re all thirsty AF and I love it.

1. I promise it’s all I’ve ever wanted in life

2. I’ve never seen anything so stunning?!

3. That is all

Harry Styles, Watermelon Sugar, high, music video, memes, reactions, watch

4. Doesn’t he sound lovely x

5. Mood

6. So, so much

Harry Styles, Watermelon Sugar, high, music video, memes, reactions, watch

7. This is me rn

8. A GOD

9. I can’t function

10. He really did that

11. I’m still not over that


13. Forever and always

14. Seriously though, I have never seen something so beautiful

15. Can we just take a moment

16. It all makes sense now

17. UuuUUgGGhhHH

18. BAM

19. Do not disturb x

20. I’ve never wanted to be a watermelon more

21. Life isn’t fair

22. Never

23. I would DIE for this

24. Hello is that my therapist? Yes, suddenly everything is fine?

25. I would pay them for the pleasure

26. Hehe I heard you like watermelons?? xxx

27. It’s happening

I’m sorry, I need some time to recover from all this.

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