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Ranked: Every single one of Christine’s outfits from fierce to even more fierce

Spoiler alert: They’re all fire

Selling Sunset season three has begun and whilst everyone is focusing on Chrishell’s divorce or hating on Davina, we’re not paying attention to the real star of the show – Christine’s wardrobe.

Christine already carries the show with the drama, sass and realness. But now her outfits are even better than they were in previous seasons and they deserve all the respect in the world.

She just knows how to dress – tailoring, bold colour, fur (hopefully fake), co-ordination, the glasses and the HAIR. No one does it better than Christine and even her chill outfits are straight up insane. Yeah there may be a few outfits where you’re like wtf, but Christine’s confidence just makes you want to wear these clothes.

All of her looks are quality but some are just god tier levels, so we’ve ranked every single outfit Christine wore in season three from least to most fierce:

The at home outfit

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Right let’s just get this one out of the way, everyone is allowed to wear casual clothes around their home. And her sliders are Louis Vuitton, so we stan.

The wedding shopping outfit

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When shopping for your wedding dress the outfit your wear there is obviously not the main event and yet Christine still manages to look chic, sophisticated and kinda like a spy.

The matching knitwear set

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Knitwear in a LA just seems so odd, so the fact that Christine has managed to pull it off in Balenciaga no less, is a testament to what a queen she really is.

The black dress and leather jacket

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Look on Heather this would look fit, but that’s the point it’s just too basic for Christine. This is the woman who rocks up in head to toe neon green and we expected more from her tbh.

The air hostess look

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Christine loves a lot of red and I feel like this dress would have been enough without the scarf, it’s distracting and we can’t focus on her sassy words.

The floral dress

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I don’t love it, I don’t hate, she obvs looks insane in whatever she wears but this one doesn’t hit the mark as much as the others.

The Chanel dress

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Yes it’s just a simple little black dress, but it’s Chanel, hence why it’s above some of the others.

The rainbow fur jacket

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This jacket is a LOT and I am so here for it. Complete with the sunglasses and hat she’s onto a winner. How can Mary not want be friends with this icon?

The sexy librarian outfit

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No one nails the sexy glasses look like Christine. Her red lip, curly hair and power blazer, why on earth would you not buy a house from this person?

The Chrishell divorce look

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Classic and simple and yet she just struts in the office taking all the attention away from Chrishelle.

The longest pony tail in the world look

via Netflix

I cannot get over her hair, if she didn’t have that massive leaf earring in this look would be far higher.

The hard at work Christine

via Netflix

This look is definitely a bit more mature than her other ones, she looks like the epitome of elegance and class. Also the Louis Vuitton next to her is really selling it for me.

The racer dress

via Netflix

Ok ngl this dress kinda looks like it could be from PrettyLittleThing and yet Christine manages to make it look expensive (probably because it is) and just a really cool piece to wear.

The classic bandage dress

via Netflix 

I am obsessed with her necklace. However the very big earring cuff kinda looks like a Bluetooth head set and is therefore letting down what would be a sublime look.

The burgers and Botox suit

via Netflix

The start of her many suit looks, I honestly can’t think of a better outfit to host a burgers and Botox party in. The pop of colour with the rainbow shoes and the cheeky white bodysuit underneath. Fit.

The wedding planning outfit

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This looks just screams wedding vibes and I love how Christine is still pulling off the blogger “not putting your arms in your jacket”. No one else but Queen Christine could pull that off.

The Karamo house tour outfit

via Netflix

What else would you wear to present a house to one of the Fab Five days before your wedding other than a white suit? Can we also talk about the little glove she’s wearing that totally elevates this from just a simple suit?

The snake print interview outfit

via Netflix

I wish we could have seen a whole look of this because it’s insane.

The red tuxedo dress

via Netflix

A classic tuxedo dress and yet Christine manages to make it look so fresh with the red.

The neon green outfit

via Netflix

We don’t even see most of this outfit and yet it’s such a good one. Combined with those neon pink heels this outfit deserved way more air time. I would just watch Christine have her own fashion show.

The “it’s tea time” look

via Netflix

Pig tails, fluffy sleeves, Louis Vuitton leggings and the tiny little bag for her lipstick??? OBSESSED. You’d think it would be an awful combo but just look at her, she’s flawless.

The oversized pinstripe suit

via Netflix

This woman means business, she’s turned what is usually just a plain office suit look into something super fashion. It’s oversized, it’s got chains and it comes with a super harsh glare.

The black and gold suit

via Netflix

This look is pretty Marmite. You’re either going to love it or hate it. I happen to love it. It’s the only outfit you can show your fiancée around a $75million house around. Nothing else would work. And can we discuss the cute little gold lunch box style bag?

The charity night look

via Netflix

Christine really is a modern Marilyn Monroe, potentially even better. She steals the limelight in every situation. Black fur and a red dress, she looks divine.

The “we might leave” look

via Netflix

Christine should just leave the brokerage and become an international fashion icon.

The green blazer look

via Netflix

She looks like a tech wizard who could also end up on the cover of Vogue. How does she come up with outfits?

The Thanksgiving look

via Netflix

Everyone else can just go home at this point.

The opening look

via Netflix

Now PSA to the rest of the Selling Sunset cast this is the outfit you wear in the first episode of season three.

The butterfly hair do

via Netflix

I don’t think there will ever be a hairstyle I like more than this one. My one question is how does she sit in a car without crushing the butterflies?

The birthday look

via Netflix

The way Christine just owned the room as she walked into her birthday is the confidence levels I aspire to. Also we should all look this good on our birthdays otherwise there is no point in celebrating. Red really is her colour, who else could pull off red eyeshadow??

The other neon green look

via Netflix

If I rocked up to work in this I would look like an idiot, and yet this is just standard Christine. But defo Christine at her best – it’s bold, colour coordinated and full of designer brands. How does she have time to plan a wedding, sell houses, carry Selling Sunset and pull of these lewks??

The wedding dress

via Netflix

We couldn’t end on anything else could we? She is simply a beautiful queen.

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