kendall or kylie quiz

Quiz: Ok so let’s decide, are you more like Kendall or Kylie?

If you wear heels you’re defo Kylie

The Kardashian Jenner family are all essentially the same – extremely rich, gorgeous and prolific Instagram posters. However after pictures of Kendall’s home came out a lot of people were saying how different her style is to the rest of her sisters – in particular, Kylie.

Kendall and Kylie Jenner actually have very different vibes when you think about it. Kendall is more introverted, loves outdoorsy activities and is loving being young in her 20s with minimal responsibilities. Whereas Kylie is extroverted, business focused and already got her own little family.

They couldn’t be more different. And so which one of the Jenner girls are you most like really? We have designed a highly scientific quiz to decide if you’re more like Kendall or Kylie. By answering questions on which shoes you like to wear, what holiday you’d most like to go on, to how you celebrate your friends birthdays you’ll find out which Jenner girl you really are.

There really is no bad option, they’re both living what appears to be great lives. I would literally be happy to be either of them but there’s no denying they each have a unique vibe, so take this quiz to see if you’re Kendall or Kylie:

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