Quiz: Which Kardashian kid are you really?

We can’t all be Stormi

Never have a group of children been so eternally blessed than the kids of the Kardashian/Jenner clan. Private jets to holidays in Cuba, Bali, Finland, Fendi buggies, helicopter rides, yacht trips, $3,000 coats and the most OTT birthday parties. Basically these kids have it all. And despite all their riches the Kardashian clan 2.0 actually seem pretty grounded and just like normal kids.

We all know which Kardashian sister we’d be. But what about the kids? They all have distinct personalities and you’ve definitely got the child you’d most like to be. Do you want trips to Italy and Colorado? Then you’re one of the Disick kids. Do you want your own makeup collection by the age of two? You’re definitely Stormi. Or maybe you know you’re gonna be a star as your dad is Kanye West and so you’re probably North.

Either way they’re all legends and we’d be desperate to have just one of their boujjee holidays a year.

Take this quiz to see which Kardashian kid you really are:

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