Fans convinced Britney’s using TikTok to say she’s held hostage and evidence is growing

Her outfit seems to change depending on fans’ comment

Britney Spears is a celeb who you check in on every now and then to see if they’re doing okay, but not one you particularly follow every day. We’ve seen her through her lowest of the lows back in 2008, bopped to her tunes on the dancefloor, and now view her as an icon to help us through the tough times, but now it seems like her tough times are making a comeback. Except, fans think it’s all in code and nobody knows what’s really going on.

The #FreeBritney movement has been on our screens for quite some time now. You should already know she’s been stuck in a conservatorship since 2008 and she asked for it to end in 2019 but that got declined, so it’s quite clear that there’s a lot more to Britney’s behind the scenes than meets the eye.

Fans have started commenting their concerns on Britney’s TikTok videos and, at first, they just seemed to question if she was feeling okay but it’s clearly escalated quite a bit, to the point where her very outfit choices are interpreted as coded cries for help. Here’s a timeline of Britney’s most recent TikToks which some fans argue that she’s using to communicate her situation to the world:

15th April: “Britney wear YELLOW if you are being held captive”

Britney’s carefree TikTok of her dancing to Original Sound seems quite innocent until you look at the comment section and look closer at the video, according to her fans.

Fans start noticing something out of the ordinary with her dancing, commenting: “Something is off… love her but something just seems off.”

“She keeps looking over to her right… who’s watching her.”

“She keeps looking off to the side like someone is making sure she’s on point, at one point even looks terrified.”

Then, and this is quite spooky, someone commented this on the 18th April before any other uploads: “Britney wear YELLOW if you are being held captive and PURPLE if you don’t feel safe.”

You’d just read these comments and probably not think much of it, until her next upload which is quite freaky.

5th May: She is WEARING YELLOW

So in this TikTok she’s actually wearing something yellow which is what that comment asked her to do, and she’s miming along to Baby Got Back by Sir Mix-a-Lot with her boyfriend Sam Asghari.

Of course, her fans started questioning this video and asking if she’s okay and gave her more ways to show her audience if she needs help because, you know, maybe she just fancied wearing yellow today!?

A fan commented: “ARE YOU OKAY BRITNEY?!?! I saw ur it story a couple of days ago and u looked like u were being held hostage.”

“She’s wearing yellow and red in the rest of her videos, who’s saving her?”

Then someone commented this: “#BritneyWearRed if you need help.”

Now, surely, if you’re someone who uses TikTok you would obviously see which comments have made it to the top, right? Precisely, keep reading.

11th May: Then she WORE RED

Six days later, Britney posted a workout video with her boo claiming she’s so happy to “have sam to stay in shape with” and that “couples that workout together stay together” which is adorable, right?

But see that now she’s wearing a red top in this one which is exactly what the top comment of the last video told her to do, because, well, who deliberately chooses to workout in red? Sorry but. Britney’s fans then start to notice some odd stuff in this video and start raising them in the comments:

“Do you guys see how at the beginning of the fourth exercise she has a serious face and then goes to change it real quick,” one read.

One observant scroller noticed: “Look at her look at the camera crying out for help at the end when they’re jumping together facing one another. This isn’t a joke or game”

If you know your fans are worried about you and every single comment is about how you can show the world that you need help, surely you’d choose another colour to wear? Nope.

21st May: Back in a yellow top!!!!

Britney then returns to her iconic living room and records herself dancing in another yellow top. 

Her loving fans really aren’t taking any of this lightly in the comments section and start to come up with more ways she can tell the outside world whether or not she needs help:

“This is not Britney who is this” one fan commented.

Another user comments: “Britney, give us signs where you are in your next video.”

The comment gains enough likes to make it to the top-comment section, so surely she would see it if she wants people to know she’s in danger, right? Or, you could just argue she simply enjoys wearing red and yellow and her restricted colour choice has nothing to do with her situation. If you were a child star, would you simply wear red and yellow? Yeah, thought so.

29th May: She is WEARING RED again and dances to Malibu by Kim Petras

Britney seems to be away from her usual TikTok settings here and is now dancing to a song that could suggest her location whilst wearing a red crop top. Remember the previous comments?


Now the title of the song and her questionable clothing choice adds to more suspicion in her audience, fans yet again take to the comments section to unite in worrying about her:

“Who’s controlling you girl,” someone commented.

There may not be any comments on this TikTok telling her what colour to wear in her next video, but just wait for it.

27th June: Britney celebrates pride

To celebrate pride, Britney thanks LGBTQ members, saying: “Because of you, I’ve had the best nights of my life” which is an absolute mood, but the comments are anything but cheerful.

Some of the top comments are wholesome and sweet “thank yous” for Britney acknowledging pride, others are just pure freaky:

“Wear a yellow shirt in your next video if you need help,” one reads.

Now Britney’s had a break with the colour codes to maybe try and communicate with her audience, you would’ve thought that she’d wear maybe green, blue, orange, literally anything but yellow or red, right? Think again!

2nd July: The yellow top RETURNS

The most recent piece of evidence in this very thorough investigation is Britney dancing (?) around in a yellow top and thanking her local florist for some nice flowers.

The song, Blinding Lights by The Weeknd, is a cheerful, happy tune which some commenters argue contrasts what is really going on in the bigger picture with Britney:

“I feel like she’s telling us something guys, like she’s trying to say something else,” one comment reads. “I don’t know it just feels like that.”

The concerns carry on with this relatable comment: “It was all fun and games at first but now I’m starting to get concerned…”

“There has to be a hidden message in here somewhere.”

So, what next? One user commented: “Wear a green scrunchie and a blue top if you need help” so guess we ought to keep our eyes peeled for more threads to this case.

Of course, Britney could just really like wearing yellow and red and is probably a bit confused by all these concerns considering nothing has been confirmed, but there’s no harm in checking in every now and then.

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