QUIZ: Who said the phrase, Matty Healy from The 1975 or Jesus Christ himself?

Seeing as there’s a messiah complex at play

There are few occasions that are met with as much vilification as when one must come out to their friends and family as a fan of The 1975.

The overall sound and poppy melodies of the vast majority of their music is great but unfortunately, that’s kind of where it ends – after all, you have to be fully accepting of how questionable most of the words that come out of the mouth of their frontman are if you’re going to make such a bold statement as declaring that you like their music.

And questionable words they are indeed. Isn’t Matty Healy just the most pompous windbag going right now? It’s like everything that comes out of his mouth is some grandiose statement that paradoxically urges people NOT to listen to his music. Like, remember when he likened himself to The Messiah? Therefore we’ve compiled phrases of his into a quiz that asks the simple question: who said it – Matty Healy or Jesus Christ? If you’re of the opinion that he’s anything other than a teen quote maker on legs, this one isn’t for you:

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