Take this quiz to find out what incredibly niche Simpsons character you are

From Hank Scorpio to Lionel Hutz

The Simpsons is something that will never die. Each day it is born anew, kept alive via a complex system of life support machines: meme formats and stupidly devoted fans. It is also seemingly the only show to absolutely murder its content (anything after season 16 is trash) and yet still retain the absolute adoration of its fans. Everyone knows the feeling of turning onto Channel 4 at 6pm and catching an absolutely golden older episode. People who love The Simpsons truly LOVE The Simpsons, and they don’t respect anyone who doesn’t.

If you’re here for some basic Maggie, Bart, Marge answers: You’ve come to the wrong place. This is a quiz that will make you look deep into your soul, see a three eyed fish and Jonny Cash coyote looking back at you, and then come back to reality to find out your niche Simpsons character. Here’s to the under appreciated characters, from Moleman to Monorail Man, from Chimpan-A to Chimpan-Z. And who could forget… dear rat boy.

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