This is how you can donate to the NHS during coronavirus

A mask costs less than your Pret Flat White

During lockdown it’s easy to feel pretty useless and as if there’s nothing you can do to help the NHS. However a number of fundraisers have been set up so that we can donate the money we’re not spending on nights out to the NHS staff who really need it.

There’s quite a few different fundraisers and with celebs giving money to a bunch of different causes it’s difficult to know which ones you should be donating to which will have the most impact.

All fundraising is important and no one cause is better than the other, however we’ve compiled a short list of the fundraisers which will really make a difference even if you don’t have much to donate, as well as some information on how you can volunteer.

This is how you can donate to the NHS:

Donate to provide personal protective equipment to NHS

A Crowdfunding page “Masks for NHS Heroes” has been set up by four doctors to get more personal protective equipment (PPE) supplies for the NHS. PPE includes masks, visors, surgical gowns and gloves.

One of the doctors who set up the fundraiser appeared on Good Morning Britain today. Dr. Mona Barzin said a visor costs $1.75 and a mask costs $2.30. So even by donating just £10 you could be providing a number of doctors and nurses with masks.

The fundraiser is nearly at £1 million, after James McAvoy donated £275,000. You can donate here.

Donate to provide hot meals to NHS staff

A JustGiving page set up by Matt Lucas, Damian Lewis and Helen McCrory aims to get hot meals to the NHS staff.

They are working with Leon to provide 6,000 meals to London hospitals. A number of other restaurants have also signed up to help including Wasabi, Dishoom and Franco Manca.

The page is aiming to raise £1 million and they are 50 per cent of the way through, having raised £500,000. The aim is start with London hospitals and then branch out to other hospitals. You can donate here.

Donate to NHS charities together COVID-19 urgent appeal

The NHS charities appeal is aiming to raise money for the wellbeing of NHS staff. Their fundraiser wants to provide “food deliveries, high energy/protein bars/drinks, snacks, refreshments, wash kits, overnight stay kits” for NHS staff and volunteers.

They are also hoping the fundraiser will be able to cover travel, parking and accommodation costs for staff. As well as any other items asked for by various NHS charities.

Their target is huge at £100,000,000.00 and so far they’ve already raised over £15 million. You can donate here.


After a staggering 750,000 people signed up to join the NHS volunteers, applications have currently closed.

However if applications do reopen, there a number of ways you’ll be able to help. For those who are well, have no symptoms and neither does anyone in their household, you can help by driving people to and from hospital and deliver food, medication and NHS supplies.

If you’re unable to leave home for any reason you can still volunteer by signing up to be a “check in and chat” volunteer, where you can talk to anyone who is at risk of loneliness because of self-isolation.

For the latest NHS and government advice on coronavirus (COVID-19) see here.

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