You could be fined up to £960 for breaking lockdown rules!!

It dramatically increases which each repeat offence

Police have now been given the power to arrest individuals who break the lockdown rules or implement a fine which costs £30.

Any adult who commits an offence under new lockdown regulations will be subjected to a £60 fine which is reduced to £3o if paid in 14 days.

If you get a second fine you will be charged £120 and for repeat offences you could be charged £960.

Individuals who refuse to pay their fines will see prosecutions in magistrates courts and could be subject to unlimited fines.

A Home Office spokesperson said if someone will continue to act unlawfully then the police may arrest them.

They said: “If an individual continues to refuse to comply, they will be acting unlawfully, and the police may arrest them where deemed proportionate and necessary.

“However, in the first instance the police will always apply their common sense and discretion.”

Another section of this new law will allow the police to use “reasonable force” to get an individual home, but which measures they are allowed to use has not been said.

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