The full Ex on The Beach line up is here and it’s going to be SAVAGE

Ellie Brown has two exes in there!!!

The full line up for Celebrity Ex on the Beach has been announced and it’s the best one there’s ever been.

It features a lot of ex Love Islanders Michael, Ellie and Charlie. And Joey Essex is on it. Calum Best is also going to be making an appearance , because there is no reality show this man won’t appear on.

Literally every one on the cast list is insanely fit, causes loads of drama, so it’s going to be thoroughly entertaining. The series was filmed in Marbella and starts next Tuesday on MTV.

Here’s the full line up of celebs staring in Celeb Ex on the Beach:

Ellie Brown

via Instagram @brown.elle

Ellie is back on TV after being in Love Island on 2018 where she dated ultra rich boy Charlie and they had THE most dramatic breakup after they left the villa.

They were reportedly always having rows. Charlie threw her clothes out of his house, she said he was cheating on her and he kicked her out of his house.

via Instagram @brown.elle

And now Charlie will be joining Ellie in the villa which will cause so much drama and I cannot contain my excitement.

Michael Griffiths

via Instagram @mac_griffiths_

Michael was on last year’s Love Island where he majorly missed out on winning the prize because he dumped Amber for Joanna.

Being part of the Ex on the Beach lineup was the next major gig he landed after leaving the villa.

via Instagram @mac_griffiths_

We’re not sure which of his exes will be turning up but during the show he hooks up with Ellie and the pair are reported to be dating.

Charlie Brake

via Instagram @charliebrake1

Charlie also starred on Love Island in 2018 and his savage breakup with Ellie is definitely going to cause some drama on the beach.

Ellie was apparently shocked to find out Charlie would be going on the show with her. Isn’t it called Ex on the Beach for a reason?

A source said: “Ellie knew she was going to be in for some nasty surprises on the show but she was gobsmacked when she realised Charlie was coming onto the show.”

The pair will apparently have a major row during the show and an inside told The Sun Online: “It’s going to be explosive viewing – no one knew Ellie had it in her. Charlie gave as good as he got though. It’s fair to say those two are far better off apart.”

via Instagram @charliebrake1

Charlie has also pissed off a lot of people on Twitter around the general election. Charlie and Piers Morgan’s son celebrated Boris’ win because it would protect their inheritance.

Miles Nazaire

via Instagram @milesjnazaire

Miles has been in Made in Chelsea for a number of years and has caused plenty of drama on screen. When he first joined the show he wanted to get with Sophie Hermann, but she quickly pied him.

Miles dated fellow Made in Chelsea star Maeva for three years before he joined Made In Chelsea.

via Instagram @milesjnazaire

Miles’ Instagram is full of thirst traps and he’s half French so I’m sure he’ll get plenty of attention in the Ex on the Beach villa.

Joey Essex

via Instagram @joeyessex

Joey Essex started his legendary TV career on TOWIE nearly 10 years ago. Since then he’s literally never disappeared off our screens and thank god, because he is quality entertainment.

Back in the day Joey was engaged to Sam Faiers. Since then he’s dated Steph Pratt, Georgie Purves and Ellie Brown.

via Instagram @joeyessex

Ellie is also part of the line up as one of Joey’s exes. Joey is now dating fellow Ex on the Beach star Lorena Medina and they’re a seriously fit couple.

Georgia Harrison

Another Towie alumni, Georgia starred in Love Island 2017 where she came in near the end and iconically coupled up Kem and Amber produced the face that became an instant meme.

Georgia has dated Lewis Bloor and Sam Gowland. Most recently she broke up with Stephen Bear after he cheated on her when they were together in Thailand. He reportedly got with another girl in the resort and Georgia threw a book at his head.

We’re not sure which of Georgia’s exes are turning up to cause some drama for her. However in the villa she becomes really close with Sophie Kasaei, another celeb from the Ex on the Beach line up, which is cute.

Calum Best

via Instagram @mrcalumbest

Of course Calum Best was going to be on the Ex on the Beach line up. He has literally been on every reality show going: Celebs Go Dating, Big Brother, Celebrity Love Island, Come Dine with Me and Famously Single.

When it was announced Calum would be going on Ex on the Beach a lot of people were quick to comment he’s too old to appear on the show. He’s 38. But come on it’s the one show he hasn’t been on. Gotta catch them all.

via Instagram @mrcalumbest

Calum has a LOT of exes including Lindsay Lohan, Sarah Harding and a string of models.

Lateysha Grace

via Instagram @lateysha_grace

Lateysha is best known for being on The Valleys. She’s appeared on other reality shows like Celebrity Big Brother where she famously split the back of her dress live on screen and exposed her arse to the world.

She has a daughter called Wynter with her ex. She’s also reported to have been on a few dates with Drake back in 2018, however I don’t he’ll be popping up on the show anytime soon.

via Instagram @lateysha_grace

We’re not sure who her exes are going to be but she’s guaranteed to bring some drama.

Sophie Kasaei

ex on the beach line up

via Instagram @sophiekasaei_

Sophie was an original cast member of Geordie Shore and is now an influencer with over two million Instagram followers.

She split from her boyfriend Jay Bigz and then signed up for Ex On The Beach.

via Instagram @sophiekasaei_

A source close to Sophie said she was going on the show to try and get over her heartbreak. They said: “She was heartbroken after the split with Jay but needs to move on now.”


Tiffany Pollard

ex on the beach line up

via Instagram @tiffany_hbic_pollard

Tiffany Pollard is quite a rogue choice but she is proven quality entertainment. She’s an American reality star, a meme queen (who could forget when she thought David was dead on CBB) and she’s also been on Celeb Big Brother.

Tiffany’s ex David McIntosh will be joining her on the beach. The two met on Famously Single where they slept together the first night, however David denied they slept together.

via Instagram @tiffany_hbic_pollard

Their ‘relationship’ didn’t progress further than this, so it will be interesting to see what their reunion is like.

David McIntosh

via Instagram @king_david85

David was a Royal Marines Commando before turning to TV and taking part in Gladiator and then Celebrity Big Brother in 2014.

David was previously engaged to Kelly Brooke, however their relationship ended in November 2014. Kelly branded their relationship “toxic”.

via Instagram @king_david85

David also dated Danielle Lloyd, Chantelle Houghton and Chanelle Heyes.

Lorena Medina

via Instagram @itslorenamedina

Lorena Medina is a seriously fit model from America and has been featured in Playboy.

She was pretty unknown before coming over to join Ex on the Beach, but it’s where she met current boyfriend Joey Essex.

via Instagram @itslorenamedina

Joey has called Lorena “reem” and said their current long distance relationship is going well.

Ashley McKenzie

via Instagram @ashleyjudo

Ashley is a Judo champion who competed in the Olympics in 2o12 and 2016. Ashley also went on Celeb Big Brother in 2012 and finished in fifth place.

He has a daughter with his ex Automne Pavia.

via Instagram @ashleyjudo

Ashley doesn’t have any famous exes so it will be very interesting to see who he goes for.

Marissa Jade

via Instagram @msmarissajade

Marissa used to be a model and actress before taking part in the reality show Mob Wives. Marissa has also been on Gossip Girl and Law & Order.

She was on Celebrity Big Brother back in 2017 and Calum Best asked her out live on Big Brother’s Bit on The side and they were spotted on a few dates.

via Instagram @msmarissajade

Marissa is just one of Calum’s many exes so here’s hoping their reunion is full of drama.

Lotan Carter

via Instagram @lotanlaidbare

Lotan is the last celeb confirmed in the Ex on the Beach line up. He first appeared on screens in 2017 Big Brother and he was removed from the show for inappropriate behaviour during a fight.

He was also rumoured to have been in talks with Love Island to appear on the show. He’s also a male stripper from the group Dreamboys. Oh and his penis is ensured for a casual £12 million.

ex on the beach lineup

via Instagram @lotanlaidbare

Lotan was previously engaged but he called off the wedding in 2017. He also has a son and is currently dating a fashion marketing consultant.

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